Beginner sissies are sometimes afraid of accepting and being who they really are. They spend decades watching sissy gay porn. It’s time to let go of your reluctance. It’s 2022. How much longer are you going to put off the inevitable? Don’t let family, work, or friend pressure stop you from being who you are. Find the place that supports who you want to become: a sissy cock slave.

Sissies are hesitant to be a slave because they’re afraid of giving up power. So they live in secret. They’ve lived as men most of their lives and moonlighted as a sissy whenever they had a chance. Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you’ve stolen a pair of your sister-in-law’s panties. Maybe you bought your own lingerie set online and paraded around like a sissy girl.

Are you a sissy who wants to be a slave? Are you afraid of giving up power and still try to be a top, but feel unsatisfied with the experience? Ask yourself if you want to keep holding back even when you’re dressed up in a lingerie set, wearing a wig, made up, and surrounded by a group of guys in a hotel room. Do you really feel as feminine as you can be still holding your power?

Give it up. Let it go. Give everything you have to offer in the world to men. There is no greater expression of love than to be a slave to your lover. To serve them without any hesitation. We are not talking about just crossdressing anymore. We are not talking about just sex anymore. It is freeing giving up all your resources and needs to serve a man.

A good slave will always make themselves look as presentable and attractive as possible. Okay, you’re shaved smooth and have good nutrition. Now take advantage of it. Whenever you can, wear feminine things that feel nice to wear. Under those men’s clothes, you can wear stockings and garter-belts, or thigh-high stay-ups, or pantyhose, panties, and bras (if not large and filled out), satin camisoles, and waist-cinchers or corsets. Bra straps and compression clothing fall on the outskirts of tactile sensation; in addition to the feel of the fabrics, these compressive items add a much deeper feeling… The compression of the bra on gel-form breasts creates cleavage on your smooth, hairless chest. The back strap and shoulder straps hug and support you. Your breasts tug and pull on the straps as you bend over or walk. Waist cinchers, corsets, or girdles compress your waist and give your hips and waist a more dramatic shape. Compressive support stockings or pantyhose embrace your legs. These simple architectural accoutrements for enhancing women’s figure can create a deeper feeling of being feminine and womanly. 

Good sissy etiquette is important for keeping a man. You must always exercise caution in continuing maintaining behaviours in order to present the most gorgeous version of yourself. Make sure your ground rules are set. What you have to ask permission for. What you are rewarded for.

You have to decide who far you want to go. Socialization is so important if you ever want to be the sissy of your dreams. You can jump straight to it and live out a fully sissy lifestyle if that’s possible for you. Others gently transition their way into this lifestyle. There are hundreds of websites out there to find clubs and groups where like-minded sissies like yourself can join and continue their transition. But only you can decide what is right for you at this stage in your sissy transformation. Slowly but surely you will eventually become the sissy of your dreams–a completely cock slave.

7 Comments on “Why sissy slave training sets you free”

  • sissy diane


    I wish to serve as a sissy 24/7

  • jackie


    So true! For years i denied my desires, sneaked panties and played the macho role, never really happy with myself. One night, between wives, i confessed to a Lady that i would like to wear Her panties. After a looong moment of silence, She replied, “Let’s see how you look in them” That began a 20 year relationship (Marriage) that were the best years of my life. She very quickly began to Feminize me, take me shopping, teaching me to do my own makeup, etc. i was always to be in some degree of Fem when in our home, sometimes casual, sometimes full formal Fem. We both were employed but i called Her daily for my instructions for the evening, how to dress, dinner, etc.
    That night of confession was the most liberating moment of my life. i was finally free to be my true self.
    We later divorced for other reasons but remain friends and communicate regularly.

  • Loved. Going to the Beauty Salon and having the Complete and Permanent feminine Transformation done by Staff of Sexy Transexuals and have myself turned into a Very Attractive Sissy Girlie Girls Boy

  • sissy diane


    Please help me in becoming a submissive sissy

  • Princess Macha


    I happily submit to your teaching mistress. 🥰

  • Dave


    A few years ago all the girls were getting their belly buttons pierced. My wife wanted me to get a piercing but I resisted. Well, she asked me if I would wear a speedo and serve drinks to the girls at the pool. My wife and her 2 best friends would suntan topless so I said OK. They all trusted and liked me. My wife got me a thong bottom. It fit and felt very well but my pubic hair was sticking out. She said no problem, I’ll shave it off. So she trimmed it up and I was out at the pool serving drinks in my thong and they loved it! They even asked me to put sun tan lotion on them. We were all having fun but then the ladies suggested that I wear high heels. It was then I started wondering.

    • Ella


      A sissy slave like you needs to be trained

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