Have you been naughty this weekend? That’s what confessions are for. You can cleanse every sin and feelings of guilt you have by just writing in your sissy diary what naughty things you did over the weekend. Did you dress up for the first time in your co-workers stolen underwear? Maybe you experimented with a new toy? Or did you finally work up the confidence to meet up with a guy just for drinks? Maybe you even kissed and fooled around a bit with him. Or did you do the unthinkable? Did you have SEX with a GUY?

Find a church to confess your sins. One in a smaller town preferred. Visit it in the late afternoon after service when everyone has gone home and the men are watching Sunday football like real men. You’ll be left all alone with the priest to confess your sins. But once you enter the booths, it’s just you and him, and they know how pathetic you are. Because they are too. Don’t you know what religion does to men? It makes them repressed and always horny. How badly do you want them to slip their cock through the confession hole and have your own private glory hole, right in the middle of a holy building? How naughty that would be to suck daddy’s cock. To let it grow inside your mouth until it was fully hard. How desperate and eager you are suck on it and to feel the taste of his cum. Oh, how gay! How gay you are for wanting to hear his moans. To feel his cock quiver in your mouth. To taste his warm seed flowing down your mouth.

Then when it’s all done and he’s panting in his booth, barely able to catch his breath, you say “Thank you, father” and go back to your car in the parking lot. You apply lipstick in the mirror, telling yourself how much of a dirty slut you are. Oh, how gay! So, so gay!

2 Comments on “Sissy Sunday School Confessions”

  • Maxime


    I actually lovee this ideaa .. especially since I haven’t been keeping a sissy diary šŸ™„

    • Ella


      We’ll be adding a diary feature soon šŸ˜‰

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