Many of you are obsessed with sissy captions. Something I feel is seriously lacking in the sissy community is captions that deal with “everyday”, “mundane” activities. There are thousands of captions dealing with sexual situations, but (perhaps unfortunately) sexual situations comprise a minority percentage of the time for most of us. Much of our time is spent working, eating, sleeping, commuting, relaxing, cleaning, showering, using the bathroom, etc…

However, what if these activities could be subtly sissified? There are all sorts of small changes an individual can make to sissify their daily life. This could be greatly reinforcing to the sissy mindset.

Some examples for captions to sissify daily activities include:

  • Sleeping – Wearing a nightie or girly pajamas, chastity
  • Eating – Eating healthy and dainty foods like salads, etc.
  • Dressing – Putting on panties under male clothes
  • Relaxing with non-sissy friends – Seeing oneself as helpful and submissive
  • Cleaning – Taking care of your home like a maid or housewife
  • Showering and daily hygiene – Remembering to shave your legs and other body hair
  • Using the bathroom – Remembering to sit to pee

That’s why our daily captions are so great. They help you transform exactly how you want as a woman in day-to-day life. This allows for a deeper transformation.

One Comment “Sissy Captions transform your Mind”

  • Louise


    where have you been all my life? This girly staff is great, so feminine….and sensual… 💋

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