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The Graduate Sissy School application is one of the most competitive feminization training program across the globe. It has advanced and never-seen-before content compared to our monthly memberships. You can only get in by applying. Only 3 out of every 1,000 applicants are offered admissions.

This is your admission application to Mistress Ella's Feminization and Transformation program. If you are homophobic, close-minded or not interested in sexual exploration then this is not for you. Here we take sissification to the next level and allow our students to fully explore all aspects of their femininity. Many students have told us how their studies quickly made them feel more confident with their sissy feelings and more aware of their own sensuality and sexuality. This leads to a stronger connection to their submissive nature and feminine desires. While we let all our sissies progress at their own pace, our aim is to get every sissy to realise that full, complete and lifelong sissification is their best bet. If you have doubts during your studies, you can drop out at any time. If you proceed far enough you will find a lot of doors opening. Be it either in improving your current relationship, getting a new, more suitable partner or becoming owned full time by a Mistress or Master. xoxo, Ella Rose

I am 18+ years old. I want to apply for FT's sissy training. I understand I might not be able to resist the conditioning. I am willing to take the slight risk of getting dragged in and ending up living as a slutty, sexy girl, a decision I then might not be able to take back. I ensure I am sane, of good physical and mental health and happily consent to the training doing with me as they wish in order to satiate my curiosity and have a chance for the best sex ever. This also means I accept any risks and side effects from mind control and I allow my mind to be brainwashed and feminized, as well as the eventual complete feminization of my body, in case I choose to progress in the training program to such a point that I am no longer aware of my own will, which I know might very well be sooner than I think. I consent to receive NSFW content on my emails I acknowledge my training will be monitored by FT throughout my progress I will follow all training rules and accept any corrective punishment given for any reason at any time.

By accepting to the following, you acknowledge that Mistress Ella will review your application, but admissions is not guaranteed. This sissy training program is extremely competitive and will not accept just anyone. You must be the top sissy.



The graduate sissy school program is one of the most competitive feminization programs across the globe. We select only the most qualified sissies. Only 3 out of every 1000 sissies applying are offered admissions.

3 Comments on “Graduate Sissy School Application”

  • Joshua Arnold


    I’m very eggar to learn

  • Sissy xxxeoxa bimba


    I want to reach the top of my feminization to the maximum, just read audios of hypnosis of Sisification Me give me regroup of pleasure throughout my body and a sensation is improved inescribable in the best paradise in the world, and to enjoy my remarkable appetite of an open mind in full, total, spacious, sufficient and suspension as a slave and submissive BDSMK of sexual paroxysm.

  • Sissy Cairo


    I am eager to learn how to be a better sissy

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