Pay Pig Registration

It doesn’t surprise me you clicked here!

This is the perfect way for pay pigs to enjoy themselves šŸ˜‰

Pay Pig Monthly Sissy School Accounts

Users can register for the monthly subscriptions at 10x the normal cost. Perfect for desperate, pathetic sissies who love showing their submissiveness and loyalty to mistress.

Who is it for?

Some sissies fool society and climb the socioeconomic ladder. They may even fool people into thinking they’re alpha males. Deep down, they knew they are submissive beta males who crave serving a powerful woman.

Will I get extra content?

There is no additional content for pay pigs. They have access to content based on their tiers. They’re just pathetic.

I’m a ditzy sissy. I didn’t read what content you even offer!

Of course you are. You can read about our content on our sissy school page. You can also find out how membership works on our join page. Remember, if you are a pay pig, you must pay the pay pig registration fee.

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