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You’re ready to take your sissy training to the next level by commiting to our monthly premium program, where we offer captions, daily rules, stories, and private training. You choose what you want.

Commitment changes everything.

When you start a monthly membership you will immediately notice yourself finally comitting to your sissy transition. This is because when you see your sissy name as a registered member on our website, you will subconsciously integrate that into your identity.

Our content is high quality and engaging.

Chances are that you found our website through one of our captions or videos. Did you enjoy it? Now try to understand that we have hundreds more of higher quality on our secret website. We know what you want, and we enjoy making our sissies happy by providing it.

A growing community.

With our community growing each day, we are further developing our website to start a forum and social media section. Soon, you’ll be able to connect with sissies for meet-up, trades, or just to chat. Veteran sissies will be given special perks ;).

Mistress Ella & Mommy Violet

Membership Features


Captions are posted every Monday, Friday, and Saturday. We currently have three daily captions:
  • Monday Motivation: Captions to start your week off positive and keep you on track for both your “real” and sissy lifestyle (e.g., reminding you to eat healthy to be a sexy queen or work hard).
  • Friday Feminization: Captions that help bring our feminization advice like dressing feminine or make-up
  • Sexy Saturday: Captions that encourage you to chat with daddies, schedule meet-ups, and follow through with a hook-up

Daily Rules

You will receive daily rules that must be followed by the end of the week. Every week there is a new theme, and the theme alternates between physical, mental, and sexual transformation. One week can be mastering that walk and the other can be progressive cum eating.

Rules are posted every Sunday.

Interactive Stories (Choose your own adventure)

You will gain access to dozens of interactive stories where you can literally live in the sissy shoes of Feminization Training’s elite members! Amazing for those who love choose your adventure games!

Your story immortalized

You will be required to submit a weekly diary of your sissy training. Mistress will give you feedback and a letter grade. At the end of the month, your story will become an interactive story!

Membership Tiers

TierBronze ($5)Silver ($25)Gold ($50) Diamond ($100)
Interactive StoriesYESYES
Immortalized StoryYES

What are you waiting for? You have the choice!

Sissies can choose whether they want to start their training with Patreon or our website. All content is hosted on our website. The only difference is that Patreon users will have to log in their Patreon before visiting this website in order to unlock their sissy training materials. There is no difference between paying through our website or Patreon.

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Graduate Sissy School: Training never ends!

Once you’ve completed your training we encourage you to apply for graduate sissy school. We accept applications from graduates or previously trained, highly qualified, and committed sissies. It is one of the most competitive sissy training program around the globe. We only offer admissions to 3 out of every 1,000 applications.

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What’s the difference between memberships and products?
Memberships are monthly subscriptions for exclusive content. Products are courses and books that you purchase.

Do I need a membership to purchase products (e.g., books or courses)?
No. You can register an account for free to purchase courses. Books are sold via Amazon, so you will have to create a separate account there. Free accounts don’t have access to membership features.

What’s the difference between Pay Pig Registration and Normal Registration fees?
The only difference is the cost. Pay Pigs are submissive betas and know their place in the world. Currently, they can only pay with PayPal, whereas Normal members can use more payment methods.