Have you accepted your true sissy nature yet? If so, does it tend to disappear during the weekdays and only to creep up during the weekends? Do you want to become a sissy completely, inside and out, and enjoy the pleasures and highs of sissyhood? We want to make you feel like a sissy everyday. Not just when you’re hitting the club (YAY!) When you practice sissyhood every day, you get closer and closer to your dreams!

Submerge yourself in the variety and beauty of the different styles and materials, and incorporate them when you’re in the mood or your particular outfit demands it. Once you’ve discovered the depth of feeling attainable from these things, it’s unlikely you will want to give it up. You’ll soon find the right outfits can change your entire mood.

Sounds have unique ways to make you act in conditioned ways. Listening to a song can bring back memories to make you feel young again. The variety of sounds has a different effect on your femininity. You must embrace that femininity is a dynamic essence. At one point, you might like listening to soothing music that remind you of being in a magical forest to meet the woodsmen of your dreams. At another point, you might be listening to heavy rock music that reminds you of a concern you attended when you were a lanky teen and dreamed of being a girl picked up by the lead singer.

Find whatever music makes you feel the type of feminine energy you want to feel. Sometimes that soothing deity music is perfect for painting nails or relaxing in the bath tub. Later that night, you might like listening to some pop music while putting on music or applying make-up. It’s also so important that you recognize that it’s not only music, but also the way one speaks! So listening to some YouTubers or your favourite TV show actors speak in a valley girl accent can bring out your feminine spirit.

Soon, you may realize you are walking on a tightrope like a sissy would, or posing in the mirror with your ass out and stomach sucked in, or in general speaking in a higher and more emotional voice than a man would. This can be frightening for some because for so long you have been hiding your true self. But eventually, you will realize it is good, and that letting these feminine mannerisms be expressed in everyday life will attract the right people. There is always the fear of being chastised in public by those who are against sissies. Use that as fuel to become even a better sissy and to make your dick sucking more intense the next time you serve a bull.

Makeup does more than alter a woman’s attractiveness, it also plays a role in her ability to form new relationships. While straight men look at a woman’s makeup or lack thereof to help determine her attractiveness, straight women use makeup to help judge other women’s personalities.

Now you can look in the mirror, all dolled up in a girly pose, and just feel so happy with how hot you are. You go girl!

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