I hear a lot of back and forth as to the effects of hypnosis, particularly sissy hypnosis, and that it’s magically turning virile men with thick juicy cocks into sweet sissies that crave nothing more than being used as a cocksleeve for others, all while dressing up as feminine as possible, transforming their bedrooms, bathrooms, minds, and lifestyle into fun, flirty playgrounds devoid of any rational thought except that cocks=good.

So, as someone who has watched hundreds of videos of porn, thousands of sissy hypno videos, even listening to feminizing audios that are created by actual hypnotists and going so far as participating with mistresses in related kinks to being a sissy, I want to dispel some of the rumors that you might cum across.

1. Watching sissy hypno will make you want to wear women’s clothing.

This is one of the easier ones. Yes, sissies almost exclusively wear female clothing, if not in public, at least in private, usually starting with soft panties with a feminine color or cut. However, this isn’t really exclusive to sissies. Men and women do this all the time, particularly as kids, playing make-believe. Even adults do dress-up, usually for formal events, but the essence of play is still there. At the end of the day it’s just fabric and it’s just a piece of clothing.

A couple of exceptions to this besides going fully female for Halloween. The first is female underwear, only because I personally engage in chastity (which is not necessarily a sissy act, but it could be), and the snug nature of panties helps keep the cage from bouncing around. The other exception is female workout clothing as it tends to be very stretchy and keeping in with the snug feeling while practicing yoga or other actions. Oh – and female nightwear doesn’t count either because it also helps from having the lock from the chastity cage tear at the sheets and generally feels better than other pajamas.

2. Watching sissy porn will make you cock obsessed.

How silly! First of all, every male out there is almost always obsessed with his cock – in fact, he never gets off with out it! Simply put, it’s actually men that are obsessed with cock, even going so far as to worry about how big or how small they are. Looking at porn in general, how often is a cock the main focus? Not just sissy hypno videos, but look at categories like Blowjob, there’s a huge throbbing juicy member right in front of the cute girl. I could even go to pornhub right now and I bet every single the recommended videos include at least one cock in it if not more. (I know that pornhub curates based on what you view and years of sissy hypno probably influences it, but I’m confident this is the same even with incognito mode.)

Now, logically, because I engage in chastity, I don’t have a cock to play with and, being realistic, I only have a clitty (per what a clitty is, its really only something pleases the person it is attached to, nobody else can really get off on it or derive pleasure from it). So, it goes without saying that yes, I do include a dildo or two when I get to play, but that’s simply in keeping with everything above. The only reason I get femmed up during my playtime or when I’m home is because I’m not the one with the cock, so it makes sense that there are feminine elements to balance out the hyper-masculine element of a 8-inch cock that’s going into one of my ready holes.

3. Sissy porn encourages being the receiver of anal sex on a constant basis.

Sissy hypno certainly includes this as a major theme, but it most definitely does not make one into a anal-craving slut bent on getting off on only anal penetration. It turns out, all guys are curious about it, but most never take the plunge, and personally I feel bad for them as they will never get to experience any sort of prostate stimulation. Guys get so focused on cock (see above) that they never slow down and truly explore other areas of their body which might be even more powerful, in an orgasmic sense.

Personally, I do not do anything on the level of daily anal sex as mentioned in a lot of hypno. While I do get to experience being plugged every day, being plugged is not at all the same as being fucked, and I only get to experience that with permission. As a guy, I have a ton of other toys like fleshlights, and while it’s been a couple years since I’ve used them, once I find my chastity key I’m sure I’ll be using them again like any other guy (plugged of course).

4.Sissy porn focuses a lot on makeup, looking pretty, shaving your entire body, and being hyper-feminine.

Yes, there are a lot of pretty girls within sissy hypno videos, and all are made up in very feminine manner, with lucky ones being coated in cum. However, men have been doing all these things for a very long time, with no remark of femininity attached to it. In fact, some can say it’s even masculine. Take a look at the military with their face paint during training or missions – how masculine is that? Or football players wear that black strip to help reduce glare. Or shaving because you’re a swimmer – as you can see, men engage in these kinds of techniques all the time.

I only use these techniques for functional reasons as well. For me, obviously I don’t wear full-face makeup (except when at home, just for learning, not for any particular reason), but I do shave my face, trim my eyebrows and use a very light foundation in the morning, mainly because I happen to work in a professional environment and need to present a clean-cut appearance. Also – I bet you didn’t know this – but it’s actually men who have longer lashes than women, so putting on a couple of layers of thick black mascara technically makes you look more masculine than feminine.

5. Sissies love to eat cum.

This just really isn’t limited to sissies at all. Half the population already swallows cum on a continual basis and there really isn’t anything specifically feminine about it. In fact, guys are particularly more inclined to be OCD and demand a clean space, and therefore will likely to clean up after any sort of stroking session. Some guys even do it for the protein; there’s really a ton of reasons to enjoy your own cum.

Personally I won’t be beaten at anything, especially by a women, so I’m definitely not going to let a women swallow before I get a chance to. I never did this before hypnosis, but I really doubt that hypnosis had anything to do with my enjoyment or satisfaction of gulping down a sticky load, and besides, I like clean spaces, too.

6. Sissy hypnosis only gives you the goals you will achieve and your mind bridges the gap between the current situation and your new lifestyle.

I heard this from after debating with a hypnotist, and of course this isn’t true. Sissy hypnosis is simply a fun adventure that allows anyone to enjoy a video with some audio overlays. There really isn’t any magical way that hypnosis remaps the brain into enjoying cock, bending over at the slightest inclination, wearing panties, loving the color pink, considering cosmetic surgery, or anything like that. Granted, I’m no brain scientist, or expert in hypnosis, but rest assured that Sissy Hypnosis is 99% safe, and hopefully this post shows why. I could even list more ways that sissy hypno is safe, but for some reason, I have difficulty counting too high these days.

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