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“The water is fine,” he whispered in her ear as he moved his hips from side to side and squeezed her breasts gently.

Janet groaned and raised her hands to cover his. “This, this isn’t, uh, getting any messes cleaned up.”

Luke kissed the side of her neck and out onto her shoulder. Janet moved her head to the side and whimpered softly as he caressed her breasts. His palm rubbing her nipples shot jolts of pleasure straight to her sex. When he crouched down slightly and moved his hips from side to side, his dick centered up between her ass cheeks.

Janet whimpered and pressed her ass tighter to his hot dick. “You, you’re going to make another mess.”

“And the problem with that is,” Luke whispered as he kissed the top of her shoulder.

“The, uh, score is already two to one. I hate taking advantage of you,” Janet said in a breathy whisper.

Luke’s right hand moved off her right breast and Janet squeezed and pinched the nipple. She took several deep hissing breaths. A moment later, Luke whispered, “Put a hand on you dick and rub it.”

Janet moved her left hand to her dick and made a fist around the head and upper shaft. She stroked herself slowly. Between Luke’s hand on one breast, his dick rubbing in the crack of her ass, the fingers of her right hand pinching her right nipple, and her hand on her dick, she was fast approaching overload for the third time.

She didn’t feel his lower body move but she did notice his dick wasn’t rubbing in the crack of her ass. She made a whimpering sound and flexed her hips. Her hips went forward and when they came back, something was pressing against the very upper part of her inner thighs. The slippery messes from earlier allowed it to slip in deeper.

With a loud gasp, she realized it was the head of Luke’s dick. “No!” She yelled loudly and then came up on her tiptoes as it went deeper and rubbed across the hot opening to her vagina. Then it was pressing on the sensitive spot at the base of her dick.

Her hips shivered and shook and then she was coming longer and harder than ever before in her life. Her hips were flexing and jerking with wild abandon as the head of Luke’s dick kept bumping the sensitive spot over and over again.

Her orgasm was slacking off and her hips were more or less under control when there was a hot surge over the sensitive spot and at the base of her dick. She looked down just in time to see a white spurt hit the shower wall in front of her. She sighed and grinned. The score was now three to two.


Luke held onto Janet as the steamy water cascaded down her front. His right hand was around her waist and flat against her lower belly. His left hand was still on her left breast and massaging it with slow and gentle movements of his fingers. Her right hand hung down at her side and her left still held her dick.

She shivered as he kissed her neck. “That was the best orgasm of my life,” she whispered as she shivered again.

Luke sighed and whispered, “The best one of my life also.”

Janet giggled and took her hand off her dick. It was only semi hard as she twisted in his arms until she could kiss him. The kiss was soft and gentle on both sides. His hand had moved over to the other breast and his semi hard dick was now against her left hip.

With a soft moan, Janet turned more and felt her dick touch his hip. She shivered hard and broke the kiss as he now had both hands on her back and was caressing her from her shoulders to her ass. “For two virgins, we sure do get each other off.”

Luke chuckled. “And off and off again.”

“I’m still one ahead,” Janet whispered.

“So you owe me one. I can live with that,” Luke whispered as he started to kiss his best friend again.

Janet turned until she was facing Luke, her dick next to his. Both of them groaned softly but neither broke the kiss.


A short while later, Luke broke the kiss and whispered, “We need to save some hot water for mom. With the power off, I don’t know how long it will take to reheat.”

Janet giggled. “Don’t you guys have a gas hot water heater like we do?”

“I don’t have a clue,” Luke said as he reached over and picked up a bar of soap.

Janet watched him lather up his hands and whimpered softly. “I’ve often wondered how soapy hands would feel. Hands besides mine, that is.”

Luke gave her a leering grin and whispered, “Time to find out.”

Janet took the bar of soap from him and lathered up her hands. “Time for both of us to find out.”

It was a comedy of errors as they tried to lather each other up at the same time. Moans, whimpers, and laughter mixed all together. That all came to a stop as her hands found his dick and rubbed it. He groaned deeply and shivered hard. After a moment’s hesitation, his hands found her dick and rubbed it.

Janet made a soft gasping sound as she felt his slippery hands rubbing her dick. It felt way better than she had ever fantasized it would. She felt it growing firmer and harder. His was doing the same in her hands. They both groaned and leaned forward to kiss.

The kiss went on and on until Luke broke it with a loud moaning groan and tried to step back away from Janet’s hands. “I, I, I,” he stammered and then his hips were flexing back and forth.

Janet grinned and tightened her grip on his dick as she moved her hands faster. They were both moving up and down but the top one was also twisting back and forth on the head.

Luke let out a soft yell as he pushed his hips forward. They were jerking and twitching as if he was coming but very little if anything came from the head of his dick.

Janet stopped moving her hands up and down but she still twist the one on the sensitive head until Luke grabbed her hands. “I think that evens the score,” she whispered as she stepped closer and kissed him gently.

When she broke the kiss, she stepped back and let go of his dick. She had a big smile on her face as she rinsed her hands, picked up the soap, and lathered her hands up. Luke stood there and watched as she lathered up between her legs and down the insides of her thighs. She turned around and bent over as far as she could with the wall in the way and used one hand and then the other to rub in the crack if her ass.

She turned around and started to rinse the soap off. Luke groaned as he watcher her hands rub her body. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered softly.

Janet grinned. “I’ll bet you tell that to all the girls you shower with.”

“Uh, since you’re the only one I’ve ever showered with, that’s a sure thing.”

Still grinning, Janet stepped to the side. “Rinse the soap off and lets go find some clothes before you’re mother surprises us by getting home early.”

Luke grinned at his best friend and winked as he stepped under the hot water. “We’re both over eighteen. She might chew my ass out for using all the hot water but….”

Janet laughed. “So you don’t think she would mind you having a girl in her shower?”

Luke wiggled his eyebrows and shrugged. “She might have a heart attack when she notices your dick.”

Janet shook her head but she was still grinning as she opened the shower door and step out onto the bath mat. She pulled a towel off the door and started to dry off. As she was finishing up, she heard the water shut off and the door opened.

Luke grabbed a towel and started to dry off. Janet wrapped her towel around her waist and watched him. His hair was wet and he was drying it with his towel over his head. With a grin, Janet went to her knees in front of him, leaned forward, and sucked his soft dick into her mouth. His whole dick. He gave out with a loud yell and jerked his hips back.

Janet followed his dick as he moved his hips and looked up toward his head. He had the towel off his head and he was looking down at her with wide eyes. She tried to grin around his dick but wasn’t sure how it came off. She slowly moved her head back until just the head was in her mouth. She made a soft whimpering sound as she swirled her tongue around and round.

Luke moaned deeply and whispered, “Holy fuck!”

Janet sucked all of his semi hard dick back into her mouth and held suction on it as she lifted her head slowly. It popped out of her mouth with a slurping sound. She was still looking up at him but now she had a big smile on her face. “I’ve always wondered what that would be like from both sides. Now I know from this side at least.”

“I, I, I,” Luke stammered as Janet got to her feet.

She came up on her toes and kissed him briefly on the lips. Coming down off her toes, she sighed and said, “Your room, clothes, now.”


Luke was rummaging around in a dresser drawer and Janet was sprawled out across his bed. It felt weird in an exciting way to be lying on Luke’s bed naked. Her left hand found her semi hard dick and two fingers on her right hand explored the sensitive spot at the base of her dick. It felt slick in one direction but rough if she moved the fingers across it.

Luke turned from the drawer and groaned softly as he saw what Janet was doing. “Are you, uh, masturbating?” He asked quickly.

Janet giggled and shook her head. “After three giant orgasms in a couple of hours, I don’t think so. I was checking out my sensitive spot.”

Luke walked over and squatted down beside the bed. Janet whimpered and raised her knees. Her breathing got faster as she spread her knees wide apart. In her mind, she could feel his eyes on her most secret place.

“If it was a clit, wouldn’t there be a nub or a bump or something?” Luke asked as he leaned forward.

“I, I, I,” Janet stammered as she jerked her hands away from her sex.

Luke grinned at her as he looked up along the length of her naked body. “Being looked at excites you,” he whispered softly.

Janet groaned and nodded. “It, uh, didn’t at the hospital but here with you….”

Luke wiggled his eyebrows and put on his best leering grin. “Are you saying it’s me that turns you on?”

Janet groaned again and started to close her knees. Luke grabbed a knee in each hand and said, “No! Please no.” With an even louder groan, Janet spread her knees even wider than before.

Luke looked at her sex for a moment and then looked up toward her face. He looked back at her sex and worked his mouth from side to side. “Other than the dick, it looks like a regular pussy only on the small side.”

“Thank you, doctor Luke. Tell me something I don’t already know.”

Luke grinned at her as he stuck a finger in his mouth and then held it up. “Hold still, this won’t hurt one bit.”

“What?” Janet said as the finger disappeared from view. A few seconds later, she gasped loudly as the finger poked at the sensitive spot. A few seconds after that, her hips gave a sharp jerk as the finger drew circles over it.

The circles stopped and he moved the finger up and down across it. Then he moved the finger from side to side and Janet groaned softly. He sat up straighter and held the finger up. “See no pain.”

Janet shivered hard and whispered, “But there was a lot of pleasure.”

Luke chuckled. “I don’t think that is a clit. It’s more like a g-spot on the outside of your vagina.”

“G-spot? What the heck do you know about g-spots?”

“A guy has to do research, doesn’t he?” Luke asked in return.

“But….” Janet said and then fell quiet.

“I ain’t got there yet,” Luke said with a big grin.

Janet gave him a hard look and then grinned as big as he was. “I haven’t got there yet either.”

Luke’s eyes jumped to her dick and he groaned softly. “I, uh, let’s concentrate on one problem at a time.”

“Why do you think it is a g-spot?” Janet asked to get them back on track.

“From what I read, they are slick in one direction and rough in the other. The top side of the head of my dick is the same way.”

“What?” Janet said as her hands flew to her dick. She held it upright and ran a finger up and down across the head. “I, uh, had never noticed that.”

“It’s a guy thing. We notice everything about our dicks.”

Janet frowned and looked thoughtful for a second. “Yeah, but the sensitive spot is rough and smooth at ninety degree angles.”

“Maybe that’s a g-spot thing. I’m no doctor you know.”

Janet giggled. “Some real doctor is going to be in for a surprise as soon as I can get an appointment.”

She started to close her knees and Luke grabbed them again. “Hey now, this not a doctor is not through with his examination,” he said quickly.

Janet moaned softly as she let her knees fall back open. Luke went to his knees and held his fingertip close to the entrance to her vagina. He gently explored the outer lips and then ran the fingertip up and down in the glassy smooth trench of her slit.

When his fingertip teased her opening, she gasped loudly. “Has, uh, anything been in here before?” Luke asked softly.

“My, my finger and an old hairbrush handle,” Janet confessed with a big blush.

“Okay, so I won’t break anything if I explore deeper?”

Janet started to giggle and then groaned long and loud as his finger slowly slid up inside her vagina. Her hips lifted off the bed and flexed up and down slowly. She was fucking herself on the finger.

Luke held his finger still. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open at what he was seeing. Suddenly his eyes darted to the sensitive spot and he groaned softly. He wasn’t sure how he knew but he did. A lick or two on that spot and Janet would explode.

His head moved and his tongue stuck out. His tongue ran over the spot in an upward motion. Janet let out a yell to wake the dead and fucked herself on his finger even faster and harder. At his next lick, she had a double handful of his hair and arched her hips up higher.

She yelled again as he licked the spot even firmer and there was a surging wet heat around his finger than ended up covering most of his hand. She hadn’t been kidding about making a mess. She was pushing at his head one second and pulling it closer the next.

Luke grinned and kept right on licking. Janet kept on coming and fucking herself on his finger. How long this might have gone on was anyone’s guess but the lights suddenly flared on and Luke raised his head to look around.

Janet groaned long and loud as her hips settled to the bed and she lay motionless except for her heavy breathing. Luke’s finger was still in her vagina. He slowly pulled it out. Janet made a soft whimpering sound as he did.

He looked at his shiny wet finger and hand and grinned. He brought it up to his nose and sniffed. The fluid had a sweet earthy smell. He licked at the back of his hand and then stuffed his finger in his mouth. The taste was even better than the smell.

Janet groaned deeply and whispered, “Are you trying to kill me?”

Luke shook his head as he still had the finger in his mouth.

Janet opened her eyes and gasped softly as she saw him sucking on his finger. “I, I, I,” she stammered as her eyes closed again.

Luke pulled the finger out of his mouth with a slurping sound. He smacked his lips and said, “Oh yeah, that was all you, you, you.”

Janet giggled and opened her eyes. “I told you I was messy.”

“Tasty, also,” Luke replied and licked the back of his hand again.

Janet groaned as she watched him licking his hand. “A tongue is so much better than a finger,” she whispered a moment later.

“Especially if it is someone else’s tongue.”

Janet giggled. “I’m not that limber and my boobs get in the way.”

Luke did a double take and laughed. “I’m not that limber either. That or my dick is too short.”

“It’s no shorter than mine.”

Luke grinned and replied, “yeah but my boobs are way smaller.”

Janet sighed and whispered, “Just cover me up. I’m going to sleep for a week.”

“Uh, my mom might have a few questions about that.”

“Just tell her I’m worn out from coming my brains out. She’ll understand.”

“Which will lead to even more questions,” Luke said with a grin.

Janet groaned as she worked her way up onto her elbows. She noticed two pairs of shorts and a t-shirt lying on the bed next to her hip. “Another trip to the bathroom is called for but no shower this time.”

Luke grinned and licked his hand and Janet laughed. “You have to wash that thing sooner or later.”

“I vote for later.”

“How sensitive is your mother’s nose?” Janet asked with raised eyebrows.

Luke sniffed of his hand and groaned. “I, uh, don’t really know but you do have a very distinct odor.”

“Uh huh,” Janet said as she wiggled forward to the very edge of the bed.

Luke moved back and looked at her funny. “Not a bad odor, a good one as far as I’m concerned. A very good one.”

Janet grinned and gingerly got to her feet trying not to get any of her mess on his bed spread. Luke stood up quickly and held onto her arm as they went into the hall and crossed it to the guest bathroom. Janet wasn’t very stable on her feet.

He got out a washcloth and handed it to her. “Ladies first,” he said and then glanced down at her dick.

She grinned at him and shook her head. “The problems pop up everywhere,” she whispered as she wet the cloth.

“Uh, a question. I thought you had to play with the head of your dick while you played with the spot to get off?”

Janet giggled as she rubbed at her sex and between her thighs. “It seems being finger fucked and having the spot licked has the same effect only a lot stronger. Who knew?”

“I sure didn’t until you went boom big time.”

Janet rinsed out the rag and hung it on the side of the sink. She stepped back while Luke washed his hands. “What, uh, made you lick me there?”

Luke shrugged. “I just did.”

Janet shivered and then groaned deeply. “Do you realize how many people it would take to cover all of my sex or is that sexes?”

Luke was drying his hands as he looked at her with wide eyes. “Uh, at least four. Two dicks, a tongue and either a second mouth or a pussy.”

Janet groaned softly and whispered, “Uh, what bout my mouth?”

Luke shook his head and groaned. “There ain’t enough room for that many people.”

Janet giggled as she headed out the door. “But it sure would be fun trying.”

“Hey wait a minute,” Luke said as he started after her. “What if I don’t want to share?”

Janet was looking at the two pair of shorts he had picked out. She tossed him one pair and started to put the other pair on. “We’re not even dating so what makes you think you have any kind of say?” She asked with a grin.

Luke looked at her with big eyes and shook his head. “I’m the only guy that knows about your problem, remember. Who else would you date?”

“There is this little blonde down at the book store. She’s been giving me the eye,” Janet said as she headed for the bedroom door.

“Is she bi or a lesbian? If she’s a lesbian then the dangly bit you have is going to throw her for a loop,” Luke said as he followed along behind Janet.

She ended up in the master bathroom and picked up the damp towels. She tossed those to Luke. “Laundry basket,” she said as she picked up their shorts. “These, I’ll take home and wash while mom’s at work.”

Luke stuffed the towels in a hamper and looked at his best friend. “You can’t breakup the set now,” he whispered.

Janet looked at the shorts and grinned. “They are definitely not a matching set.”

“I was talking about us,” Luke said sharper than he meant too.

Janet come over to him and came up on her toes to kiss him softly. As she came down off her toes, she whispered, “I know what you meant and I agree whole heartedly.

She turned and headed for the door. “Where are you going now?” Luke asked quickly.

“To find a sack for our shorts and to get my t-shirt on,” came the reply from down the hall.

Luke was grinning as he started to follow her. He turned off the lights as he went and even remembered to turn off his lantern. He slipped the t-shirt from the bed on over his head.


The candle was out and the coffee table was back in place. They were both dressed and the TV was on. They were sitting side by side on the couch holding hands when the front door opened and Luke’s mother, Mary, came in. She looked at the two on the couch and smiled.

“How was your day, mom?” Luke asked.

“You mean besides trying to run a business with no power or trying to get home with half the red lights out?” She asked in return.

“Yeah, the power was out here also,” he replied and grinned at Janet.

“So what did you two do to pass the time?” Mary asked.

“I gave him a royal stomping at gin rummy and we talked a lot,” Janet replied.

“Janet is going to college this fall to the same school I’m going to,” Luke added.

“What are you going to major in, Janet?”

Janet grinned. “I’m still working on that. Something to do with counseling or maybe something in the medical field.”

Mary nodded. “Either one is in high demand.” She walked over to stand behind her son. “Luke can’t decide if he wants to be a Fireman or an Astronaut,” she added with a grin as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

Luke grinned up at her and whispered, “I’ve changed my mind again. Now, I want to be a Forest Ranger.”

“So why do you have so many engineering courses lined up?”

“Do you think those trees grow straight on their own?” He asked in return with a wink.

Mary chuckled and shook her head. “I need a shower. Without the air conditioning, that store gets hot. No windows that open. I almost came home early.”

Janet shivered and squeezed Luke’s hand. He grinned at her and gave her a wink. “Yeah, it got a little warm around here also,” he said as his mother went up the stairs.

Both turned to watch Mary disappear down the hall. Janet sighed and gave Luke a crooked smile. “That went better than I thought it would.”

“I told you that mom would be cool about it.”

Janet tried to suppress a giggle but only half succeeded. When Luke gave her a funny look, she grinned and whispered, “Wet mat in front of the shower, her shower, and two damp towels in the hamper. Add the small amount of hot water and….”

Luke groaned softly. “I, uh, hadn’t even thought about that, except for the hot water.”

Janet grinned and leaned over to kiss Luke on the cheek. “I think I want to go shopping tomorrow and I want you to go with me.”

Lie looked confused and asked, “What for?”

“I think I want a bikini or a swimsuit so you can teach me to swim.”

“Uh, how about the, uh, fit?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never tried any on. I’ve looked but that was all.”

Luke groaned softly. “You in a bikini? That would be killer.”

Janet chuckled and shook her head. “In more ways than one. Maybe a bikini top and some kind of shorts might be safer.”

“Safer for or from what?” Mary asked from the top of the stairs.

Two heads snapped around to look at Luke’s mother. “Uh,” they both said and Janet felt herself blush.

Mary grinned as she came down the stairs. She had on a bathrobe and her feet were bare. “It seems someone used all the hot water or at least most of it.”

“Uh, yeah, mom—” Luke started to say but his mother held up her hand.

“I didn’t ask for an explanation, I was just pointing it out. Two in a shower by candlelight is always fun.”

Janet grinned at Luke and said, “Make that lantern light.”

“I didn’t even know you two were dating,” Mary said as she went to the kitchen.

“We, uh,” Luke started to say with a look in Janet’s direction. She winked at him and he smiled. “It’s a new thing.”

It was silent for a few minutes and then Mary appeared at the kitchen door with a glass of wine in one hand. “I’m happy for both of you and I do hope it works out. Just, please be careful and take it slow and easy.”

Janet grinned at Luke and said, “Slow and easy is the only way we can go.”

Luke chuckled and nodded. “I think the main part of her message was the careful part.”

Janet shook her head. “I may be crazy about you but I’m not stupid. We have forever and two days.”

Mary looked at Janet and said, “I knew you had a good head on your shoulders.”

Janet laughed looking at Luke. “One of us has too.”

“Hey now,” Luke said with a wink at Janet.

“Keep him in line,” Mary said as she turned and headed for the stairs.

They watched Mary climb the stairs and go into the hallway.

“I think, she thinks, we had sex,” Luke whispered.

“Well, duh!” Janet said with a big grin.

“But,” Luke said and then groaned.

“Yeah for both of us until I get to the doctor and setup my birth control,” Janet whispered.

Luke groaned again and Janet chuckled as she leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. She stood up and said, “I think I’ll let you think on that until tomorrow.” She walked over and picked up the sack with their dirty shorts in it. “Call me early,” she added and headed for the front door.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” Luke said as she opened the front door.

Janet grinned at him and said, “Yeah, I’m still as bossy as ever.”

Then she was out the door.


As she cut across the wet yard, she had a big smile on her face. Things had worked out even better than she ever thought they would and in more ways than she ever imagined.

She stopped at the front door to her home and sighed. Now she had to decide how much she should tell her mother if anything. Maybe she should wait and see what the future would bring.

Janet was still thinking it over as she opened the door and went inside.

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  • Doug


    This has got to be one of the best short stories I have ever read.
    There is a vien of possibility in the fiction.
    It was fun, had a little suspense and a happy ending.
    I hope to read more of what this author writes.

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