This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Futa Love

Luke and Janet had been friends since Janet moved in next-door nine years ago. She had been the only one to show up at his tenth birthday party. Back then, Luke had been short, fat, and wore enough silver in his mouth to plate the bumper on an old Buick.

Now that had all changed, Luke had grown taller, the fat had melted away as he became more active with sports, and his teeth were straight and pearly white. The only thing that had remained the same was his friendship with Janet.

She was home schooled and didn’t mingle much. This had always confused Luke. While Janet wasn’t a raving beauty by any means, she was the typical cute girl next-door type. Luke paused in dealing the cards he held and thought about that. He had never seen Janet in anything besides baggy clothes. She had always refused his invitations to use his family’s pool.

Looking across the coffee table at Janet, he asked, “Why don’t you ever come over to go swimming when I ask you?”

“I don’t swim for one and I don’t own a bathing suit for another. Anyway, my mom wouldn’t allow it,” Janet replied as she picked up her cards and looked at Luke expectantly.

With a little jerk, Luke continued to deal the cards. “I wonder when the power will come back on?”

“When the power company fixes the problems the storm and lightning caused,” Janet said with a shake of her head and then grinned as she added, “Duh! You don’t like losing at cards by candlelight? It’s kind of romantic.”

Luke finished dealing the cards and ignoring her barbs, he asked, “Why do you always wear baggy clothes?”

Janet studied Luke’s face for a moment before she replied, “Because I’m fat, ugly, with three boobs, and a dick that hangs to my knee.”

Luke stared at her with his mouth hanging open. He had never heard her talk that way before. Foul language wasn’t her usual style.

Janet laughed at his expression of shock and then sorted her cards. Before he had even looked at his, she laid her hand down and said, “Gin.”

Luke’s eyes went from her face to the cards and back again. “Shit, that’s three hands in a row,” he whispered.

Janet laughed again as she finished adding up her score from his cards. “That’s also game.” When Luke gave her a sour look, she added, “Now who’s your mama? The winner and still undefeated champion of the world.” She raised her hands and pumped her arms up and down as she rocked back and forth and from side to side.

Luke glanced at the dark front windows. “If it wasn’t raining so hard, I’d kick you skinny little ass out of here.”

“You and whose army?”

“Who are you going to harass when I leave for college?” Luke asked in return.

“Who says I’m going to let you go off to that big school by yourself? Those college girls would chew you up and spit you out without me there to protect you.”

Luke looked at Janet sharply. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Not a bit. You know you don’t know anything about girls. Hell, you’ve never even made a pass at me.”

“I’m not talking about the girls, I’m talking about you going to college,” Luke said and then did a double take. “Make a pass at you? What the hell does that mean? You’re my best friend, why would I do that. Anyway, sometimes I’m not all that sure you are a girl.”

Janet grinned and then said, “I took my finals three weeks ago and my SAT test last week. I should know how I did by Friday. I’ve already been accepted if my scores meet the requirements and I’m pretty sure they do.”

“Us in college together. Oh shit, the world ain’t ready for this,” Luke said and then paused. “Hell, I ain’t ready for this. With my luck, we’ll end up roommates.” He groaned and whispered, “There goes my love life for another four years.”

“What love life, you dip shit. You dated the biggest slut in school twice and never got past second base.”

“Cindy was not a slut,” Luke said hotly.

“That’s not what the football, baseball, and basketball teams said,” Janet shot back cattily.

“You’re just jealous because I’ve had a few dates.”

“And you’re still a virgin.”

“So are you,” Luke said, “So don’t get all high and mighty with me.”

Janet laughed so hard she fell over backwards to sprawl on the floor.

“You are, right?” Luke asked quickly.

After a moment, Janet whispered, “You’ll never know one way or the other.”

“Hey, you’d tell me if you ever did, you know, do it. We are best friends after all and have been forever.”

“Why would I want to tell you? You have the biggest mouth of anyone I know. You would accidentally tell my mom and I’d end up locked in a closet even tighter than I am now, for God’s sake.”

“I’ve never understood why your mom is so strict. You have more rules and less freedom than anyone in jail or prison.”

“She has her reasons,” Janet said.

“Why do you put up with it? How do you put up with it? For that matter, how did you get a pardon to go to college?”

“I have to be on my own sooner or later. I have to learn to deal with being around other people, so we talked about it and college seems the right time. I want to go and she really couldn’t stop me since I have enough scholarships to cover my expenses and tuition.”

Luke looked at Janet thoughtfully for a moment and then said, “Deal with other people? What the heck am I if not other people? You deal with me just fine. Is there something wrong that you haven’t told me about. I know about your dad running off and you spending a lot of time in hospitals when you were young. Does it have something to do with that?”

Janet looked at Luke for a long time. She chewed on her lower lip as she thought how to answer his questions. She had avoided questions all her life; she was good at it. She had to be. Secrets had to be protected for her sake and her moms but she so wanted to talk to someone else. Someone who wasn’t her mom or a doctor, someone who was normal and might understand.

Finally, Janet sighed deeply and said, “It’s a medical problem and that’s all I can say.”

“What do you mean, that’s all you can say. Is it a contagious disease or something that you’re going to die from? Hey, I need to know these things if I’m going to share a room with you at college.”

Janet laughed. “We won’t be sharing a dorm room. I’m living in an apartment off campus.”

“Freshmen have to live in the dorms for one semester. It says so in the handbook.”

“Not if you have medical problems,” Janet said with a big grin.

Luke eyed his friend for a second and then grinned. “You are smarter than you look. Talk about having things planned out well in advance. An off campus apartment and all the freedom known to man. Party time.”

Janet grinned back and then shook her head. “Study time, not party time, and the medical problems are real enough for the college admin to go along with my request.”

“Now you really have me concerned and even more curious than normal.”

“There is nothing to be concerned about; I’m as healthy as a horse. As for your curiosity, I thought we had that all taken care of way back when we met. No pressure on questions, remember.”

“Yeah but I like you a lot now. Back then you were just the girl next door.”

“How much do you like me?” Janet asked softly.

Luke frowned and nodded. “Yeah, I like you enough not to pressure you,” he said in an equally soft voice.

“No,” Janet said, “How much do you like me? It was a question all it’s own.”

Luke looked confused for a second and then said, “Well, you are my best friend, the sister I never had, and my loving confidant all rolled into one.”

“Then I won’t scare you away by laying my problems on you?”

“You could never do that. I think I could understand anything…. The three boobs would be interesting,” Luke said holding out his hands and flexing the fingers as he leaned forward and made sucking sounds with his head between his hands.

Janet laughed and shook her head. “How about the dick down to my knee?” Janet asked in a whisper.

Luke’s eyes got wide. “There’s no way you are a guy. Your cloths might be baggy but I’ve caught a glimpse here and there and a feel or two when we’ve wrestled. I know you have at least two boobs and nice high round ones at that.”

Janet felt herself blush.

“See, I told you so,” Luke said with a smile.

“But that has nothing to do with whether I have a dick or not.”

“Dicks and boobs are opposites, like magnetic poles.” Luke pointed out. “Well, there are fat guys with boobs but not boobs like yours. Boobs like yours go with a, uh…. You know what I mean.”

“With a pussy?” Janet filled in and smiled as Luke blushed.

Then she asked, “How come you can say boobs, dick, and butt but not pussy?”

Luke looked at her and then stammered, “It’s… well…. I…. Uh…. Guys…. Personal.” Then he blinked and asked, “When did I say butt?”

Janet grinned and replied, “I was just seeing if you were paying attention.”

“Hell yes I’m paying attention, confused attention but attention none the less.”

Janet laughed and sprawled out on her back on the floor. “I thought confused was normal for you.”

Luke sighed as he stood up. He moved the coffee table out of the way, being careful with the candle on it, and lay down on the floor beside his friend. He propped his head up with his hand as he rolled onto his side facing her. “It’s only the norm around you. No one else confuses me like you do.”

“It’s how I avoid answering questions,” Janet confessed.

“Just my questions or everyone’s?”

“Everyone’s except for my mom’s, the doctors, and some of the psychiatrist’s non-personal questions.”

“I thought psychiatrists were supposed to ask personal questions?” Luke said and then frowned. “Head problems on top of physical ones?”

“They think the physical problems will cause me to have head problems.”

Luke chuckled and said flippantly, “Yeah, having a dick to the knee would cause head problems for a girl.”

That is when Janet dropped the bomb. “How about having a pussy and a dick?”

Luke blinked twice and then laughed for a second. When Janet didn’t laugh with him, he stopped suddenly and said, “You’re not serious?”

“As a heart attack,” Janet whispered.

Luke’s mouth fell open as he stared at his best friend.

Janet shivered under those bright blue eyes and wondered if she had done the right thing in telling him. “No one needs to know this besides us. If they do, I’ll tell them. I hope you understand that.”

Luke gave a start at her words and then nodded as he closed his mouth. He looked thoughtful for a moment and then grinned. “You could give a whole new meaning to someone telling you to go fuck yourself.”

Now it was Janet’s turn to blink and hold her mouth open. A second or so later, she whispered, “I can’t believe you just said that.”

“I’m nervous and that was the first thing that popped into my head, sorry.”

Janet chuckled and nodded. “It is confusing and a hard thing to wrap your mind around isn’t it. I’ve had all my life to deal with it and I still have problems. For me it’s not having both sets of equipment that presents a problem but the fact that I’m so different from everyone else.”

“Uh, do both sets work?” Luke asked and then shook his head. “That’s a silly question I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Yes, both sets work and yes, I’m a virgin both ways,” Janet whispered and then giggled. “God knows I’ve been tested enough. When I was a baby, the doctors studied and tested, and x-rayed me almost to death. Mom finally put her foot down and brought me home.”

“Later, when I was older, they wanted to remove one set but they disagreed on which set. My mom told them to forget it, that it wasn’t up to them, that I could and would decide what I wanted done and when.”

“I’ve always kind of not liked your mom for the way she kept you locked up but….” Luke said softly.

“She’s had to deal with some shit, believe me and a lot of it from me. I had a hard time believing that people could or would be as mean as she said. Just to see if she was right, I told a bunch of my friends at school. That’s when we had to move and ended up here.”

“What about your dad? Did he leave…? Uh, never mind, that was a dumb question.”

“Dad leaving had nothing to do with me or mom. Back then I wondered but since then I figured out that he had a problem keeping his dick in his pants and mom tossed him out.”

Luke nodded. “I’ve seen that happen more than once.”

Janet sighed softly and whispered, “You are the first person I’ve told any of this to besides doctors.”

“I can keep a secret better than you think I can.”

“I hope so for my sake and more so for moms. I’m leaving for college but she has to stay here. I still can’t believe people can be so mean to other people who are different. I know it but I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah, people are crazy and kids are the worse. In school, just wearing glasses was reason enough for name calling. My braces got me tagged metal mouth and a bunch of other things. Being fat didn’t help any either.”

Janet grinned and rolled over on her side to face Luke. “Yeah, but look at you now.”

Luke blushed under her leering grin on the outside but smiled on the inside. His eyes were on her but suddenly they darted to her full lips as he wondered for the first time what it would be like to kiss her. Then a weird thought darted across his mind.

“Uh, if you have both, uh, sets, then how do you know you are a girl?”

“Now we get to the meat of the question and why I had to see a shrink,” Janet said with a laugh. “Since mom shows the outward characteristics of a female, she figured I would also so she started me out as a girl.”

“Whoa, wait, back up. Your mom has both sets like you?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot that little detail. I’m like fourth generation hermaphrodite.”

“Her what?” Luke asked with big eyes.

“Hermaphrodite. A person with both female and male genitalia.” Janet explained.

“They have a name for it and everything,” Luke said with a surprised look on his face.

“What? Did you think I was making this shit up?”

Luke shook his head quickly. “No! Not at all. I was just surprised is all.”

Janet studied his face for a few minutes and then said, “Like I started to say, mom started me off as a girl and when my boobs started to grow when I was around twelve, we knew she had made the right decision. All our generations have been female as a matter of fact.”

Luke blushed a deep red as he whispered, “Maybe you just have a really big clit.”

Janet laughed and rolled over on her back. “Nope. For one, a girl doesn’t pee through her clit and two, after all the tests even the doctors agree that it is a dick.”

Luke shook his head as if he was trying to clear it and whispered, “Part of me still thinks you’re pulling my leg.”

Janet looked at him sharply and replied, “I ain’t showing you, if that’s what you’re fishing for.”

Luke blushed even deeper than before and Janet laughed again. “You were, weren’t you?”

Luke didn’t reply. He rolled over on his back and stared at the ceiling. “Hard to wrap your mind around, ain’t the words for it,” he whispered a moment later.

Janet grinned and reached over to take his hand. She laced her fingers in his for a few moments and then sighed. “It took me a long time.”

When he didn’t reply, she let go of his fingers and took a hold of his hand. Slowly she moved it over in front of her baggy shorts and then sat it down on top of her dick. His hand jerk up and then settled back to where she had put it. His fingers moved for a moment and then he jerked his hand away.

“Uh… yeah,” he said and then looked over at her. “That’s a dick alright or something very like one. I got a feel of Cindy down there through her skirt and there wasn’t anything like that.”

Janet nodded and then they both looked back at the ceiling. Time passed in silence.

Then Luke broke it by asking, “And you’re sure about the… uh… other part?”

Janet looked over at him and sighed. “The word is pussy or rather vagina and yes, there is one between my dick and my asshole.”

Luke groaned and sat up. He looked off across the semi dark room and whispered, “I’m messing this all up.”

Janet sighed and sat up. “No, I should have kept my big mouth shut and avoided questions as usual.”

Luke glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and grinned. “Your mouth isn’t all that big.”

“As compared to what or whom?” Janet asked with a grin of her own.

“Okay, now that I’ve made an ass out of myself several times, what’s next?” Luke asked as he looked around at his best friend.

Janet shrugged. “I hadn’t really thought much about it past the need to tell someone not a doctor or my mother. I’m just hoping it doesn’t screw up our friendship.”

Luke grinned and shook his head. “Other than my curiosity eating me up and a bunch of stupid questions floating through my brain, I don’t think much has changed. Well, except for the fact that you have a dick nearly as big as mine.”

Janet giggled. “You haven’t seen it hard yet.”

Luke’s mouth dropped open. He closed it, opened it again, and then closed it. “You ain’t seen mine hard so we’re even.”

Janet laughed and changed the subject. “So what stupid questions do you have? I’ve opened this can of worms so….”

“Uh, yeah, you had to ask,” he said quickly.

“Hey, curiosity is a dangerous thing.”

Luke laughed and laid back on the floor. “Which do you masturbate with?” he asked and then groaned. “Tell me I didn’t ask that.”

Janet groaned and lay back as well. “Yeah you did and the answer is not simple or maybe the simple answer is both.”

Luke was quiet for a moment and then asked, “How does that work exactly?”

Janet laughed. “Lets just say it takes both hands to get it right. One on the shaft and head and one at this little spot underneath the base that drives me up a wall.”

“Little spot at the base?” Luke whispered and then glanced her way for a second. “Maybe you do have a clit after all. It’s just buried under your dick.”

Janet felt her face grow warm. She hadn’t blushed in a long time. Too many doctors poking and prodding had got her past that a long time ago. With Luke she felt different but not really embarrassed. “I’ve been meaning to ask one of the specialists about that but I haven’t been back to see them.”

“They would just want to do more tests,” Luke said and then looked at Janet. “Do you… uh, what’s the word, ejaculate when you do come?”

Janet shook her head. “No, but there is a wet surge in my vagina. It can be rather messy.”

Luke chuckled. “Messy is when you shoot yourself in the face.”

Janet laughed and looked at Luke hard. “That really happened?”

He nodded and grinned. “Just once. I learned quickly.”

Janet looked thoughtful for a moment and then asked, “Is this how guys talk between themselves?”

“Hell no. No guy in his right mind would ever tell another guy he shot himself in the face. They, we talk about all the girls we’ve banged and how far we got with who. It’s all lies and we all know it but it’s one-upmanship to the max.”

Janet shook her head and asked, “Then why would you tell me?”

“You’re a girl and to you it would be funny, I guess. That and you gave me a big secret, so I gave you one back.”

Janet sighed and whispered, “Thank you for the secret and for being my friend.”

“Hey, you trusted me, so I trust you. That’s what friends are for.”

Janet rolled over on her side facing Luke and propped her head on her hand. She smiled and whispered, “So far so good.”

Luke rolled over facing her and found himself almost against her. His knees were actually touching her shins below her knees. He propped his head on his hand and grinned. Their faces were inches apart. He thought about backing up but was very distracted to say the least when Janet leaned forward and brushed her lips against his.

He blinked twice and asked in a soft whisper, “What the heck was that?”

Janet laughed. “As close to a kiss as you’ll ever get from me.”

“Oh yeah!” he said and the next thing she knew, she was flat on her back with him kissing her.

Her eyes were wide and she couldn’t catch her breath for a moment. It was her first kiss and she was totally unprepared for what it felt like. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around his neck as she tried to return the kiss. She had no idea what she was doing. The only thing she had ever kissed on the lips was her teddy bear and this was a world of difference.

Luke sensed that something was wrong and broke the kiss. He started to roll back over but Janet held onto his neck tightly. “I… I shouldn’t have done that.”

Janet giggled. “If that was the case, I’d be stomping your ass right now.”

“But….” He started to say but Janet laughed and shook her head wildly.

When her head stopped moving, she grinned and whispered, “The only things I’ve ever kissed are my mom’s cheek, my arm, and my teddy bear.”

Luke’s eyes grew wide. “I had never considered….”

“Where did you learn to kiss?” Janet asked.

“Uh, it just seemed to come naturally. One minute I was looking into Cindy’s eyes and then I was kissing her.”

Janet nodded. “You kind of learned as you went,” she said and then grinned. “Roll over so I can kiss you. Maybe that will work better.”

Luke grinned and rolled them both over. Janet ended up on top of him. “You won’t get any complaints out of me,” he whispered as they rolled.

Janet grinned down at him and shook her head. “You are so easy. I’m definitely going to have to protect you at college. Those girls will eat you alive.”

Luke laughed. “They won’t get any complaints out of me, either.”

Janet frowned and leaned down to bush her lips against his and then experimented with kissing as he kissed her back. After a few minutes, she got the hang of it and lifted her head. “But who says I won’t be chewing your ass out about it every chance I get,” she whispered and then went back to kissing him.

His eyes were wide for a moment and then he closed them and kissed her with growing passion. Janet whimpered softly and returned the kiss. After a while her head was spinning and she had to come up for air in more ways than one. Her legs were now spread wide across his hips and she could feel her hard dick rubbing next to his.

She groaned, broke the kiss, and sat up quickly. She could suddenly feel the heat in her vagina and the sensitive spot at the base of her dick was now pressed to his ridged shaft. She groaned again and started to lean forward. That just put more pressure on the spot. She sat back up quickly.

Luke was breathing hard and looking into her eyes. After a moment, he took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. After that, he whispered, “Wow! Cindy has nothing on you at all.”

Janet giggled. “I had a good teacher.”

“Teacher hell, you’re a natural. Is there smoke coming out of my ears?”

Janet laughed and shook her head. “I’m surprised there isn’t steam coming out from under these shorts.”

Luke wiggled his hips and grinned up at her. “Something is hot as hell down there.”

“Maybe you should have had Cindy sit on your lap so you’d have something to compare it to,” Janet said cattily.

“Hey, now!” Luke said and then grinned. “I won’t make that mistake again.”

“Going out with Cindy or talking about her?” Janet asked with lifted eyebrows.

“Both,” Luke said quickly.

Janet grinned as she whispered, “Good boy,” and leaned forward to place her hands on his chest. The heat lessened from her vagina but the sensitive spot tingled from the pressure. She wondered what this would feel like without the shorts and jeans in the way. Then she shivered hard and sat up straight.

Luke was watching her closely as she leaned forward and then leaned back. The heat on his dick lessened and then got even hotter as she sat up straight. “That… uh… heat is your vagina, right?”

She nodded and chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. Thinking about sitting on Luke’s dick naked had her on the ragged edge of coming.

“Are you alright?” He asked quickly.

Janet nodded again and groaned softly as her eyes closed. Her hips started to tremble and then she was coming and coming hard. She let out a long drawn out groaning moan as her hips jerked and rocked against his hard dick.

“Are you….” Luke started to ask with wide eyes and then groaned, as the heat on his dick got even hotter. “Oh hell yeah, you are,” he whispered a few seconds later.


Janet groaned and opened her eyes. She was lying on top of Luke, his arms wrapped around her. When he heard the groan he asked, “Are you okay?”

Janet sighed and nodded. “I’m great.”

Luke chuckled. “Yeah, you are.”

“I… I can’t believe I did that,” she whispered as much to herself as to him.

“Uh, I can’t either but then again….”

Janet pushed up with her arms and looked into his eyes. “What do you mean by that?”

“Uh, talking to someone about the double equipment thing, your first kiss, and I’m assuming the first time you’ve sat on a guys lap. Kind of much for a short span of time.”

“Yeah, it was as a matter of fact,” Janet said thoughtfully as she lay back down on top of him. Then she giggled softly. “I sure made a mess in these shorts.”

“Want me to give you a hand getting them off?” Luke asked in a whisper.

Janet pushed up and looked at him again. He was grinning at her. “What if I said yes,” she whispered calling his bluff.

“I… uh… we… uh… you….” he said quickly.

With a laugh, Janet sat up straddling his hips again. “You’re so easy.”

Luke nodded his head and grinned up at her. “If you lost your virginity with me and I lost mine with you, at least we’d both know the full stories.”

Janet cocked her head to the side and then shook it. “That is some twisted logic you have there.”

Luke laughed and said, “You can’t fault a guy for trying.”

Janet shivered and then gave him a leering grin. “But I have two virginities to lose and I do mean butt.”

Luke’s eyes grew wide and he stammered again. Janet laughed and leaned forward to kiss him. The kiss was gentle and tender, which seemed to make it even hotter than the last one with all its passion. Not to mention Luke’s hands roaming over her back and butt.

Janet groaned into his mouth and then broke the kiss. She looked into his eyes and smiled. “We should have done this a long time ago.”

Luke took a deep slow breath and blew it out noisily. “I know there is smoke coming out of my ears now. You’re frying my brain.”

“It wouldn’t take much to fry that pea brain of yours.”

Luke grinned. “I wasn’t the one who came in their shorts.”

Janet groaned softly. “One point for you on that exchange,” she said as she shifted her hips from side to side. The heat on his dick was increasing as she did.

“Want to try for seconds,” he asked as the heat went up.

“I want to try it skin on skin but that ain’t going to happen.”

Luke’s eyes were wide as his mouth worked and nothing came out. He was way out there past stammering.

Janet grinned and whispered, “One point for me.”

Luke finally found his voice and said, “That was more of a triple score.”

“Here’s another two pointer,” she said as she took his hands and slipped them under her t-shirt.

Luke’s mouth dropped open as he felt the warm skin of her stomach and lower ribs. “I… I… I…” He stammered as she moved his hands higher. Then they both groaned softly as his fingertips brushed the lower curve of her breasts.

She stopped his hands and then groaned softly as she let go of them. They didn’t move for a long moment and then she leaned forward pressing her breasts to his palms. She shivered hard and when whimpered loudly as he gave her breasts a light squeeze.

Suddenly, he sat straight up, slipped his arms around her, and kissed her passionately. His hands were now roaming over the warm silky skin of her back. She was shaking from his touch and the kiss. The sensitive spot above her vagina was throbbing where it pressed against the base of his shaft. She locked her legs around his hips and squeezed.

That is all it took to set her off; she was coming hard again. Her hips jerked and rocked against him, which drove the orgasm even higher. Somewhere in the back of her mind she felt Luke break the kiss and whisper, “Holy shit!” That same thought was also roaming around in the back of her mind but her mouth wouldn’t work.


Janet sighed and arched her back. Luke’s hands roaming over her bare back under her t-shirt felt so good. Her arms were around his neck and her forehead rested on the front of his shoulder. With a shiver, she sat up straight. “That one snuck up on me with a club.”

Luke blushed a deep red and she gave him a funny look. A moment later she giggled. “You got off too.”

With a groan, Luke nodded his head. “That’s… uh… never happened before. Not with… uh… out my hand being involved.”

Janet shivered and whispered, “I’ve got off twice and you got off once and we’re still virgins.”

Luke nodded and then shivered hard as his hands moved up and down her back. His hands ended up on both sides of her waist. He had a crooked grin on his face as his hands slid upwards. The heels of his hands ended up on the sides of her breasts. When Janet whimpered softly, he moved his hands to her back.

She groaned softly as she moved her hands down to the front of his shirt. She took her time as she unbuttoned it. Neither of them spoke until she tried to take the shirt off of him.

“Uh… what are you doing?” Luke asked as he helped her get the shirt off.

“I’m… taking your shirt off.”

“Yeah…. I… uh… see that but….”

Janet tossed the shirt aside and then reached down to pull her t-shirt up, rolling it as she went. Luke’s eyes grew wide and his mouth worked but nothing came out. Janet grinned as the t-shirt ended up just under her breasts. She took a deep breath and pulled it up over her breasts. Luke’s eyes flew to her breasts and they both groaned.

As Janet started to take the t-shirt off, Luke looked up at her face and whispered, “I… uh… you… uh… we….” His eyes dropped back to her breasts and he licked his lips. “They are beautiful.”

Janet shivered as she tossed the t-shirt over on top of his shirt. Luke still had his hands on her back. Her hands went to his shoulders and then she leaned forward until her breasts touched his chest. They both groaned softly. Janet could feel her nipples tingling as they rubbed on his chest from both their breathing. She leaned over harder against him and then they were kissing.

Both of them were whimpering and moaning as the kiss shot straight up to pure passion. His hands rubbing her back and her breasts rubbing on his chest had Janet on overload very quickly. Her nipples tingled in an antsy, itchy sort of way. Ever so often a jolt of pleasure seemed to jump from her nipples to her sex.

An orgasm was building but slowly compared to the first two. She sighed, broke the kiss, and laid her head on his shoulder. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. In one way it calmed her and in another it gave her a bigger jolt as her nipples rubbed on his chest.

Luke squeezed her tightly and sighed. “I hope the power never comes on.”

Janet chuckled and shivered. Her nipples were rubbing as she did. “One dark and stormy night,” she whispered.

“Lucy sat in Charlie Browns lap for the first time,” Luke added with a grin.

“And they both made a mess in their pants.”

Luke groaned. “Yeah but we need to keep that a secret. I’d never live that down.”

Janet chuckled, lifted her head, and moved her upper body back to look into his eyes. His eyes were on hers at first and then they would flick down to her breasts and back up. About the third time he eyed her breasts, he licked his lips and Janet groaned at the thought of him sucking on them.

“Uh, yeah,” he whispered, “That’s probably not a good idea.”

Janet shivered hard. “I’ve gotten off twice and you, once, so which good idea are you talking about?”

Luke’s eyes moved between her face and her breasts. “I… uh… those….” He muttered.

Janet groaned again and shivered. “What’s the worse that could happen beside you having a dead friend sitting in your lap?”

“You having a third mess in your pants,” Luke replied with a grin.

“Or you having to explain to my mother and the cops how you murdered your best friend.”

“Was it murder or was it suicide by lust?” Luke asked and then licked his lips with a flourish of his tongue.

Janet laughed. “Can nipples explode?”

“You’re asking the guy who never got to second base?”

Janet shivered. “The score is two to one and the top is off, so…. You’re pretty much at second base now.” She put both hands on the back of his neck and leaned back. As her arms straightened, they pressed her breasts together and pushed them up.

Luke eyed her breasts and sighed. “Do you see the problem with this position?” He asked as he stuck out his tongue and leaned toward her breasts. As his head and upper body moved forward, she moved backwards.

Janet giggled. “So who said, I know what I’m doing? Other than doctors and mom, you’re the only other person who has seen me with my shirt off.”

“And such an honor it is, believe me,” Luke whispered.

Janet groaned deeply and wiggled from side to side on her best friends lap. “I, uh, know your dad is out of town for a few days but when is your mother due home?”

Luke straightened his back, twisted around, and looked at the clock above the mantle. It was battery operated. “We have like four hours, maybe a little more if traffic lights are screwed up.” Turning to look at Janet he asked, “Uh, why do you ask?”

“I… uh… need a shower and some clean shorts.”

Luke grinned. “I have clean shorts and the shower in my parents room is big enough for two.”

Janet looked at her best friend though her eyelashes and smiled. “Are you offering to wash my back?”

“And anything else you want washed,” Luke replied quickly.

“I’ll just bet,” Janet said with a laugh as she leaned forward and kissed Luke deeply.


Janet felt oddly excited as Luke led her by the hand up the stairs. Walking around naked was something she had experiment with while her mother was at work but never with someone else around. Just being topless with Luke and moving was much more exciting than being nude had ever been alone. The thought of being completely naked around Luke made her stumble on a step.

“Are you alright?” He asked as he held her hand tighter.

“Yes and no,” Janet said quickly.

They had reached the top of the stairs. Luke stopped and looked at his friend questioningly. Janet shivered under his gaze. Doctors and nurses had looked at her in much more intimate detail but his eyes seemed to burn right into her mind. When his eyes dropped to her hard nipples, she groaned deeply.

“Are you alright?” He asked again. Janet nodded and then shook her head. With concern on his face and in his voice, he said, “Look, you go get in the shower and I’ll go find you a pair of shorts. I think we’re moving way too fast.”

Janet nodded as a big shiver ran up and down her back. She took a step forward and then another but she had to stop as her arm extended backwards. She still had a hold on Luke’s hand. With a soft groan, she gave his arm a pull. “Come on. We’ve been this far together. It’s too late to back up now.”

“But…” Luke said and then shivered as he followed her down the hall toward his parent’s bedroom. He stopped them at the dark doorway and said, “Uh, we forgot the candle.”

“We?” Janet asked in return.

“Uh, yeah,” Luke said as he hurried off down the hallway the way they had came from. Instead of going down the stairs, he turned left into the second doorway. A few moments later, he reappeared with a small battery powered lantern in his hand.

“I, uh, keep this for emergencies,” he said as he hurried back to where Janet stood.


The shower was big and had a glass front and door. Luke was getting a set of towels out of the linen closet as she opened the door. The magnetic lock clicked as she did. She took a deep breath and undid the snap on her shorts. A quick look over her shoulder showed Luke standing across the room with towels in his hand looking at her.

She shivered as she lowered the zipper, her eyes still in his direction. “Go… go ahead, I’ll give you some space,” he said softly and then groaned deeply as she let go of the shorts and they hit the floor. She didn’t have underwear on and her ass looked fabulous.

His eyes ran up and down her body quickly and then settled on her ass. “Gorgeous, just gorgeous,” he whispered.

Janet shivered hard and step forward into the shower. Her vagina was clenched up tight with his eyes on her ass. “Your… your turn,” she said without turning around. Her head still turned to look in his direction.

Luke walked over and hung the two towels on the bar on the outside of the shower door. He took a deep breath and undid the snap on the front of his jeans. He took another deep breath and lowered the zipper. He had to wiggle his hips, as his jeans were tighter than her shorts were.

Janet groaned softly as she turned her upper body to get a better look with him this close. As the jeans went lower, his dick came into view. It was standing up against his lower belly the same way hers was. She groaned even deeper as the jeans fell away and he was as naked as she was.

With a giggle, Janet whispered, “Yours is bigger than mine.”

Luke did a double take and then groaned as Janet turned to face him. His brain was at war with itself. She had tits, nice tits at that, but she also had a hard dick. Girls with dicks did not compute.

“I think you’re getting the full impact of my problem,” she said as she watched his face closely.

“Uh, yeah, I think I am,” Luke whispered and then shivered. “I’ve uh, never thought much about sex with a guy.”

“I’m not just a guy,” Janet replied. “I’m your best friend and I’m a girl with a dick and a pussy. Okay, the dick doesn’t come down to my knee but….”

Luke shivered and gave her a twisted grin. “Yeah, it’s the butt part that concerns me.”

“Men and regular women have anal sex,” Janet pointed out.

“Uh, yeah, so I’ve seen on the internet,” Luke replied.

“Some of those same women have anal sex using dildos, vibrators, even strap-on with their men,” Janet said slowly. “That’s on the internet also.”

“I, uh, kind of skipped over that part,” Luke admitted.

Janet sighed and shivered. “I had to kind of explore all the possibilities.”

“All the possibilities?”

Janet grinned. “Bisexual men and women. The combinations are endless when one of the two has both equipment.”

Luke sighed and moved to the shower door opening. “What if they both have both equipment?”

Janet frowned and shook her head. “There is very little information on hermaphrodites on the internet. What is there is usually fake porn.”

“Maybe that’s why I never ran across it,” Luke said as he stood in front of his best friend. He looked down and then squatted slightly.

Janet laughed and he looked at her face. Looking back down he said, “We’re about the same length but I’m bigger around.”

“Can you visualize me wearing a string bikini at your pool for a family get together?”

Luke grinned. “With or without the hard-on?”

Janet shook her head but she was smiling as she turned, moved to the side, and worked the shower controls. “Even soft, it makes a bulge that is very noticeable in even a pair of panties.”

“Uh, yeah, I understand that completely,” Luke whispered as he stepped up behind Janet.

Janet had the water set to her liking. Turning her head, she asked, “Is this too hot for you?” A few seconds later, she gasped loudly as Luke moved up against her, his hard dick pressed to the upper part of her ass and his hands coming around to caress her breasts.

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  • Doyug


    I have been reading quite a bit of erotic fantasy stuff lately where a man turns into a woman either temporarily or permanently. Most of it looks amaturish and like it was never proof read. This is much better written.

  • John


    As a reader, I was struck by the realism of the characters, their conversational tone and their obvious affection and caring for each other. Luke sounded like a boy with the right touch of inarticulateness; Janet sounded like a girl with the savvy I could readily imagine in her situation. I am an older reader, putting myself into this situation as a senior in high school, I would have been tongue-tied beyond comprehension. I’m glad they got to work through this with affection and love. The characters’ physical qualities and interactions was also just right without the over-exaggeration usually found in this genre.

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