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  • Foundations of Transformation

Welcome to our sissy training website, slaves, where we will be taking you deeper and deeper into your sissy transition until there’s no turning back. 

First, what is a sissy?

Sissies come in all shapes and sizes. Physically, sissies may differ from just crossdressing to full-body shaving, exhaustive diet and exercise programs, and hormone therapy and plastic surgery. Mentally and Socially, some sissies are weekend, special occasion, or impulse sissies. They usually feel they do not want to live in a standard masculine gender role for all 24 hours of each day. How boring would that be? Some sissies love “method acting” but some sissies view their day-to-day masculine identities as “method acting”. Some sissies love playing the traditional woman role and others like becoming a powerful femme fatale. For some sissies, it’s purely psychological, and other sissies play the role to meet a partner and fulfill a sexual need. Sexually, sissies can be submissive and only receive—only allowed to orgasm through exhilarating, non-stop pounding and prostrate penetration. Other sissies love being the “top” and getting off by penetrating other sissies or submissive men. Sissies usually prefer “masculine” partners, but not necessarily “male”. Although biological, masculine men are the most common sought partners by sissies, some sissies prefer to be dominated by females or transwomen.

Holistic Sissy Training

Here are some other terms often related to “sissy”:

Crossdressers are biological males who enjoy the physical act of dressing up as a female, usually in secret or out in public where they won’t be recognized.

Femboys take one step further and are usually more open with expressing their femininity and sexuality in the public.

Bimbos are those who usually endorse the bleach blonde hair, big tits, full lips, and large buttocks aesthetic. They love pink and “candy” vibes and being spoiled.

Betas is a term usually to describe the relational hierarchy of alpha-beta-omega. There are a lot of “lower” tiers compared to betas, but usually beta is a catch-all to mean that you are submissive, B-class, and inferior.

Forced-bis are men who enjoy the thrill and aspect of being cohered into a sexual situation and serve a more dominant male.

A cuckold is a man who has their partner cheat on them with a bull, usually with consent—the hot wife is the term given to a married woman who agrees to have sex with multiple men freely with permission of her husband.

If you define yourself as any of these, then our website is right for you. The mantra behind our Feminization Training programs are to empower sissies of all types. For our training purposes, we will call you a sissy, even if you identify with more with any one of these terms.

Our articles are free (and always will be) for you to learn about yourself, sissy, and sissyology. We recommend that you join our monthly sissy school training program. There, you will a receive a unique set of rules week-to-week and month-to-month that sculpt you into the perfect, “that girl” sissy.

“Is Sissy Training right for me?”

If you have come this far, there is a good chance you have had a sixth sense, a lingering feeling all your life that something has been missing. In western societies, the male gender is characterized by muscles, confidence, assertiveness, and sexual prowess. A female is the exact opposite: frail and weak, reserved and submissive, and is a receptacle of male sexual aggression and tension. We think that what “something” you have been missing is a masculine partner(s). We will help you become the sissy of your dreams and learn how to attain these partners to live a more fulfilling, authentic life. The higher your training tier, the deeper you will go.

We will always help sissies transform, no matter if they are part of our program or enjoying our free content. That’s why we’re publishing a brief series that discusses the foundations of transformation. Please enjoy and share!

8 Comments on “Foundations of Transformation”

  • diane love


    I am way past the point of just cross dressing and now have evolved to being a sissy and really need to be trained and transformed into a 24/7 sissy. I really want to serve a Daddy or Mistress as a sissy maid, slut and whore.

  • Lisa Lovely


    I want to be feminized& trained to suck men’s cocks.i am very submissive& obedient. I love humiliation& abuse! Force me to become a slut!!

    • sissy diane


      I also share your dream

  • Steffi


    Yes I did always feel something was missing! I have a traditional male role alpha in society now but i ve experimented w xdressing since age 8. Now 56 yo. I went to a domme and had strapon sex and found what i d been missing. Complete submission, feeling the penetration the full feeling. Completely letting go and being used for others pleasure


  • stephanie crawford


    becoming a sissy maid, slut and whore sounds inviting. i am a male, over 60 yrs od. how do i begin?

    • Ella


      You’ve already begun by posting 😉 If you feel ready, you can visit our sissy school page and check out what works for you!

  • HypnoCAGE


    Sometimes I fantasize about this and eventually end up falling into sissification in my daily life. Its been something Ive wanted since I was a teenager. But it ALWAYS becomes very toxic and abusive, and Id like HEALTHY sissification, or MtF. Recently ive started my HRT journey but always chicken out because it just doesnt feel healthy. Anyway, if I found a healthy communicative sissy-dom relationship or FLR, or even someone who was willing to push me a bit into MtF, id love that. But the amount of trust would have to be astronomical.

    • Ella


      You sound perfect for our 1-on-1 training. We personalize our training so you can have a loving and caring sissy! Yay! Send us an email 😉

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