One night, a few weeks before school started back, Edward asked me if I could dress very sexy and take a ride with him. It scared me a little to be away from my comfort zone but I reluctantly agree.

I wore my skin tight black dress, black lingerie complete with thigh high stocking and matching bra and panties. My makeup skills were getting much better and my hair continued to grow. My mannerisms around him were certainly natural and it felt kinda slutty to be sneaking out with him. I made my way through the dark back yard and to his truck, where he was waiting.

When I asked where we plan to go, he asked if I remembered one of the first fantasies I had shared the first night? I could not seem to recall so he reminded me of the conversation where I admitted that I liked to tease men and that it turned me on to have the attention of several men at once. He reminded me of how passable I had become and made me secure that I could walk into a store or a crowded room and everyone would stare because they thought I was hot, not a guy. He told me not to be scared and that he would protect me. That’s when he pulled into a parking lot.

I read the sign – Heidi’s Adult Books and Videos. I had been driven past this location for years but had never know what it was exactly. Edward backed into a parking space near the edge and turned off the lights. I could see several men sitting in their vehicles and some walking into the building. I walked what we were doing here and he stated that one of his fantasies is to watch me turn on other men. Told me how much he wanted to fuck me after I had given a few guys a hard on. As intriguing as it sounded, it sounded more frightening. What is someone saw me and knew I was underage and called the police? My life would be changed badly and Edward would surely get into trouble. He assured me that we wouldn’t stay long and that this place was known for men/men hookups and he had rarely seen any law enforcement. I was still scared but kinda turned on by the risk.

Edward asked me to just step out of the truck and walk around to his door. He would be able to talk to me and he planned to masturbate while watching. I slowly agreed and stepped out into the night. Immediately I could feel eyes upon me so I hurried to his side. I looked straight at him, afraid to look at any others. With a smile on his face, he told me that several older guys had moved themselves where they had a better view. I was shaking. My first time in public, dressed as a slut and standing outside a vehicle at an adult location. Brave or stupid?

He continued to insist that I move my ass, show more leg or accidentally drop something to get a response. Scared, I lifted my dress slightly to show just the hint of my stockings. With his hand on my shoulder he pulled me closer and kissed me deeply. This eased the tension a little. I agreed to move myself away from the door and close to the streetlight. I turned and began walking. As I moved into the light, several vehicles quickly flashed their headlights. Not knowing what this meant, I rushed to daddy’s side. He informed me that this was their approval and an invitation. I was in shock as Edward returned the flash. What was he telling them?

Before I could think, an older car started toward our location. Edward gripping my hand, he told me that he probably wanted a closer look and I should be flattered. A total stranger was coming toward me, and Edward asked me to look directly at the car as it drove by. He pulled to our location , a guy who was probably 60+ smiled and like a fool I waved. I watched as his brake lights turned to white and he began backing into a spot close to us. OMG! What have I done? I wanted to run!

The area where we had parked was secluded away from the passing traffic and only those in the parking lot could see me. I stood with my back to the stranger, looking into daddy’s eyes. Smiling devilishly as he said that I should at least go say hello. I reluctantly agreed and walked to the open passenger window. With my best sultry voice I said hello, my name is Anna. He introduced himself as William and commented that I was dressed very nice. I smiled and said thank you. I quickly noticed that in his left hand, he was stroking a very large cock, much like the magazine pictures. In a flash, my teenage naive mind knew what these men wanted and I was teasing them to want it more. What was expected of me? What have I agreed to? What would they do to me if they discovered my secret? Could Edward really protect me?

I rushed back to Edward and informed him that I was ready to go and told him what I had witnessed. He said that this was normal, the guys were harmless and probably just wanted me to watch. He kissed me again and asked that I return to the gentlemen’s car. As I approached, William reached over and opened the passenger door. He informed me that we would draw too much attention if I continued to stand outside. I slowly sat inside. The smell of cigarettes and beer were familiar as he still continue to to stroke his enormous cock. Every few moments I would look over to Edward for guidance. His smile said it all!

Before I know it William reaches over, grabs my hand and placed it on him. My second cock was almost for my hand to wrap around. He begged for me to help him jack off and I could leave. If that’s what it took to return to the safety of the truck, I would happily oblige. With my right hand I worked his cock, his eyes said it all. This is what Edward hopedI would do and I was enjoying it. I looked back at the truck and he was intently watching and masturbating. Not sure what come over me, other than wanting to please daddy, but I smiled and leaned forward and struggled to fit him between my red lips. He had to be at least 8” but I didn’t have much to compare it to at this point in life. My tongue did most of the work and I worked on him for at least 10 minutes. I felt him harden and he flooded my face and hair with thick cum. I was covered. He asked me to wait for a second as I reached for the door. He quickly handed me a business card and whispered hide it! I tucked it into my bra and hurried toward the truck, cum still dripping down my face. Daddy just smiled and started the truck.

We drove quickly toward our neighborhood and he coasted into his driveway. With a quick motion, he pulled me toward the back of the house, pulled up my dress. He pulled down my panties and before I knew it he was inside me. All I remember was grunting and the hardest fuck up to that point. He emptied himself inside me. Zipped his pants, told me that I was a good girl and walked toward his house and inside. I quietly made my way inside and to the bathroom where I stared at a girl with smeared lipstick, cum almost dried to her face with my ass milky with the same!

What have I become?

2 Comments on “Daddy, this is so wrong!”

  • You have become a slut and now hungry for Man Cum!

  • Roxanne


    Oh my, honey. I so wish that had been me! I deserve a Daddy! I want to be in his arms, between his legs, in his soul. Put me in a pretty dress an stockings, and I will belong to him forever! Oh, please?!
    Miss Roxanne

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