Read 3 anecdotes from three different sissies on why bimbofication makes them happy!

James to Janine

“It started out honestly enough. I was in college, horny, and bored. I never get along with other guys my age. I wasn’t bullied or anything just sort of a misfit. I shared an apartment with a female lawyer to save on rent. I guess she had a soft spot for someone like me. Maybe I reminded her of her little brother or something. She was a drop dead gorgeous blonde who should have been a bikini swim model instead of a lawyer. She went out like she did every Friday night, except this night was different. She left a grey long sleeve dress in our shared restroom. She probably tried it on and went with a different outfit for the night. It was months since my last haircut and I couldn’t help but wonder how I would look if I grew it out just a bit longer. That’s when I had the idea to try on her dress and never turned back. After I moved out and got my own place, I bought the same dress for different sizes and started hormone therapy. Every few months my breasts and hips would grow, and I would put on the new dress. I’m not a lawyer like her, but I feel just as powerful and beautiful.”

Sam to Samantha

“I was always the artsy type. I loved wearing black and was a goth in high school. Looking back, it was obvious that was just an excuse to play with make-up. In college, I started to experiment with tighter clothing, scarfs, and other feminine styles. I perfect the tightrope walk to accentuate my hips when I walked. I loved how I drew the eyes from the very same dominant guys that ignored me. I started growing out my hair, buying expensive coffee, and carrying a purse. Every day I would come back to my apartment so turned on by the looks of guys. It wouldn’t take long riding my dildo before I would have amazing orgasms. I finally took hormone therapies and started my official transition. The only thing that mattered was becoming a Barbie. Big breasts, blonde hair, and pink! I couldn’t be happier!”

Jake to Jaclyn

“Sam and I are alike. I was more of a rocker instead of a goth. I wore stockings and bras underneath my baggy clothing. When my girlfriend caught a peak of my panties when I bent over, she smiled. The next time we were alone in her room together, she asked if I was wearing panties. I was. It turned me on to wear panties whenever I was with her. It made me feel like a woman and we were best friends. She asked if I wanted her to put make up on her. I agreed and when she finished and spun me around her swivel chair to face the mirror, she went on her knees to give me head. That’s when I knew that you could get cute girls and cum as a sissy girl. When she moved after college and we broke up, she let me have all her old clothing. It was tight in some places and loose in others. After hormone therapy, that changed. The clothing fit perfectly because my breasts grew and hips widened. I bought a wig, platform shoes, and flashy jewellery. My breasts were too big for her clothes, but I didn’t care. I loved how much of a bimbo the tight clothing made me feel.”

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