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Starting off 2021 with a BANG!

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Hello my lovely sissies!

Are you enjoying the new year? You may have noticed that has been getting a much needed face lift. We made everything look so pretty! You'll notice even if your Secret Sissy Profile has been improved! Browsing Captions and Daily rules has never been easier! We love you sissies so much so we want to make you feel the best 😉

Every time you reply to a thread you get 5 sissy points. These can be used to cash in on exciting rewards later on. More details in the next few months will follow!

We hope you enjoy this new forum where you can connect with your sissies.

P.S. We are hiring moderators. Send me an email [email protected] if you're interested!

P.P.S. Introduce yourself for a chance of one free monthly membership!

Expect more in the coming weeks!



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