The fastest way to transform your image is to change your hairstyle.

Whether you wear a wig or style your natural hair, your hairstyle speaks volumes about your feminine self.

What does your hairstyle say about YOU?

Read on to find out!

Straight hair

Isis King, Transgender Model and Actress

Straight, frizz-free hair shows that you’re a perfectionist who likes to be in control. Straight hair is beautiful and elegant, but it can also make you appear a bit serious and unapproachable.

Wavy hair

Candis Cayne, Transgender Actress

Wavy hair is an ultra-feminine hairstyle that reflects a woman who is creative and confident. Loose waves give off a free-spirited vibe, while glamorous waves shout “bombshell.”

Curly hair

Janet Mock, Transgender Writer, TV Host, and Activist

Women with curly hair are perceived as fun-loving and a bit wild. Passionate and big-hearted, they can also be seen as drama queens.

Bob cut

Laverne Cox, Transgender Actress and Activist

Bob cuts are trendy and stylish. They reflect a woman who is powerful and assertive, but who still likes to look great and make a statement.


Caitlyn Jenner, Transgender Celebrity

Bangs add a youthful, feminine touch to any hairstyle. Women with bangs are seen as fun and flirtatious.

Short hair

Josie Totah, Transgender Actress

Short hair says you’re a carefree woman who doesn’t like to fuss over things. It also reflects confidence since you don’t need to hide behind your hair.

Long hair

Caroline Cossey, Transgender Model and First Trans Woman to Pose for Playboy

Long hair is a classic symbol of femininity and gives off a romantic, seductive vibe. However, it can look “cheap” if it’s damaged or fake-looking.

Shoulder length hair

Andreja Pejic, Transgender Model

Shoulder-length hair is the most versatile hairstyle. It shows that you know how to strike a balance between your serious and seductive sides. You’re a bit of a chameleon, which is a great quality to have!

What’s YOUR favorite feminine hairstyle?

It’s incredible how much your hairstyle can impact the way you look and feel.

What is YOUR favorite feminine hairstyle?

I’d love to know, so please share in the comments below! And if you can, be sure to include a pic!

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