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Daddy, this is so wrong!

One night, a few weeks before school started back, Edward asked me if I could dress very sexy and take a ride with him. It scared me a little to be away from my comfort zone but I reluctantly agree.

I wore my skin tight black dress, black lingerie complete with thigh high stocking and matching bra and panties. My makeup skills were getting much better and my hair continued to grow. My mannerisms around him were certainly natural and it felt kinda slutty to be sneaking out with him. I made my way through the dark back yard and to his truck, where he was waiting.

When I asked where we plan to go, he asked if I remembered one of the first fantasies I had shared the first night? I could not seem to recall so he reminded me of the conversation where I admitted that I liked to tease men and that it turned me on to have the attention of several men at once. He reminded me of how passable I had become and made me secure that I could walk into a store or a crowded room and everyone would stare because they thought I was hot, not a guy. He told me not to be scared and that he would protect me. That’s when he pulled into a parking lot.

I read the sign – Heidi’s Adult Books and Videos. I had been driven past this location for years but had never know what …


Futa Love (Part 1)

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Futa Love
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Futa Love

Luke and Janet had been friends since Janet moved in next-door nine years ago. She had been the only one to show up at his tenth birthday party. Back then, Luke had been short, fat, and wore enough silver in his mouth to plate the bumper on an old Buick.

Now that had all changed, Luke had grown taller, the fat had melted away as he became more active with sports, and his teeth were straight and pearly white. The only thing that had remained the same was his friendship with Janet.

She was home schooled and didn’t mingle much. This had always confused Luke. While Janet wasn’t a raving beauty by any means, she was the typical cute girl next-door type. Luke paused in dealing the cards he held and thought about that. He had never seen Janet in anything besides baggy clothes. She had always refused his invitations to use his family’s pool.

Looking across the coffee table at Janet, he asked, “Why don’t you ever come over to go swimming when I ask you?”

“I don’t swim for one and I don’t own a bathing suit for another. Anyway, my mom wouldn’t allow it,” Janet replied as she picked up her cards and looked at Luke expectantly.

With a little jerk, Luke continued to deal the cards. “I wonder when the power will come back on?”

“When the power company fixes the problems the storm …


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