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Hi, my name’s Terri I’m 24 5’6 220 pounds, brown eyes with thick kissable lips and equipped with rich mahogany complexation. I’m about 90% hairless meaning the only hair you will find on me are my eyebrows and long black eye lashes. I decide on the bald look at 17 when I went to my senior prom in drag.

Some may consider me chubby but I’m not a lazy fat fuck. I’m a bike massager, I do at least 4 miles a day and that’s what got me from 265 to 220 in a little under 10 months and that has my measurements at 36- 36-38 ½, nonetheless my fat is stored in the right places.

Riding around greater Tampa Florida delivering mail on a bike isn’t my long turn goal. But it helps pay the bills while I’m in grad school and allows me to keep my nights free. The freedom of riding around town with my gloriously round ass cheeks hoisted for the world to view, gets my 7 inch cock motivated to see the world.

When I’m at work I like wearing a jockstrap under my cargo shorts. Because a jock strap keeps my ass cheeks framed and wonderfully parted. However when I’m out and about and not at work I prefer the feeling of G-string or thong underwear. I don’t wear them to work, because if I am ever hit by a car or god forbid a truck. The last thing I want to have my …


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