Why sissy slave training sets you free

Beginner sissies are sometimes afraid of accepting and being who they really are. They spend decades watching sissy gay porn. It’s time to let go of your reluctance. It’s 2022. How much longer are you going to put off the inevitable? Don’t let family, work, or friend pressure stop you from being who you are. Find the place that supports who you want to become: a sissy cock slave.

Sissies are hesitant to be a slave because they’re afraid of giving up power. So they live in secret. They’ve lived as men most of their lives and moonlighted as a …

 | October 14, 2022 | 3 Comments on Why sissy slave training sets you free

Foundations of Transformation

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Our Training Philosophy

Welcome to our sissy training website, slaves, where we will be taking you deeper and deeper into your sissy transition until there’s no turning back. 

First, what is a sissy?

Sissies come in all shapes and sizes. Physically, sissies may differ from just crossdressing to full-body shaving, exhaustive diet and exercise programs, and hormone therapy and plastic surgery. Mentally and Socially, some sissies are weekend, special occasion, or impulse sissies. They usually feel they do not want to live in a standard masculine gender role for all …

 | July 19, 2022 | 8 Comments on Foundations of Transformation

Sissy Captions transform your Mind

Many of you are obsessed with sissy captions. Something I feel is seriously lacking in the sissy community is captions that deal with “everyday”, “mundane” activities. There are thousands of captions dealing with sexual situations, but (perhaps unfortunately) sexual situations comprise a minority percentage of the time for most of us. Much of our time is spent working, eating, sleeping, commuting, relaxing, cleaning, showering, using the bathroom, etc…

However, what if these activities could be subtly sissified? There are all sorts of small changes an individual can make to sissify their daily life. This could be greatly reinforcing to the …

 | July 02, 2022 | 1 Comment on Sissy Captions transform your Mind

How Sissy Hypnosis Helps you Transform

I hear a lot of back and forth as to the effects of hypnosis, particularly sissy hypnosis, and that it’s magically turning virile men with thick juicy cocks into sweet sissies that crave nothing more than being used as a cocksleeve for others, all while dressing up as feminine as possible, transforming their bedrooms, bathrooms, minds, and lifestyle into fun, flirty playgrounds devoid of any rational thought except that cocks=good.

So, as someone who has watched hundreds of videos of porn, thousands of sissy hypno videos, even listening to feminizing audios that are created by actual hypnotists and going so …

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