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Exercises to help you prepare for your man

Have you been sitting at home all this time during quarantine? Why not prepare yourself for when restrictions “loosen”? Here are 7 effective “sexercises” you can do to help you ride your man for when you can finally meet up with him.

Are you ready? Oh, and make sure you take lots of breaks and rest and drink lots of fluids. And by that, I mean sleep while listening to sissy hypnosis and drink all of your own cum!

1. Squat to Sumo Squat

How to do it: Take a wide position with your feet looking ahead. Keeping your chest high …

 | May 24, 2022 | 12 Comments on Exercises to help you prepare for your man

Buying your first sex toy

Are you feeling like a sissy right now? If not, I want you to find the nearest mirror, shut the door, and lean your face near enough that your hot breath fogs up the glass. Are you listening to mommy, sissy? I demand your absolute obedience. Imagine a man… an alpha male… behind you, naked and muscular, and completely focused on your ass while fluffing his cock.

Suddenly you notice yourself bending over naturally, parting your legs wider and wider, arching your back like a complete bimbo, and relaxing your pleasure hole–ready to take him. You look at your self …

 | May 19, 2022 | 4 Comments on Buying your first sex toy

NEWS FLASH: Sissies are people too!!

She’s not trans. She’s not in drag. For her, being a ‘Sissy’ is a bit more complicated.

Annie is a part-time girl.

A few times a month, she climbs into a pair of stockings, coats her lips in bright pink lipstick and puts on a wig full of strawberry red curls. She poses for a few pictures, taken by her wife, and together, they go out on dates as two girls in love.

Other days, however, Annie is Andrew. Annie, though, is content with this arrangement — i.e., spending more time as Andrew than Annie. She previously struggled with the …

 | April 08, 2022 | 1 Comment on NEWS FLASH: Sissies are people too!!

Do we need to pass?

Is Passing Really That Important?

Passing may be the ultimate goal for many trans individuals but is it really that important? Whilst passing is not the holy grail to every transgender person there is a large proportion of us that do create a mental image of ‘that person’ in our brains. The perception we create is often the look we want to achieve or indeed our outward presentation to the world. If you are a transgender woman – you will have an idea of the degree of femininity that you desire to realize.

If you spend time on Facebook, and …

 | February 11, 2022 | Leave a Comment

How to be more Feminine

If you’re a one of Mistress Ella’s sissies, you probably weren’t taught all the lessons girls were growing up from older sisters, more experienced peers, or overtly sexual aunts. Things any Mom and Grandma are appalled to ever talk about, much less think!

We offer plenty of advice on how to physically be feminine with clothes, makeup, or plastic surgery that can come close to having the irresistible magnetism of the feminine spirit in a woman.

Have you ever wondered how to master that sissy spirit? Why do girls with flat chests and no ass happen to pull in alpha …

 | January 26, 2022 | 2 Comments on How to be more Feminine
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