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How to conceal your beard

If you have facial hair, then you know how challenging a beard shadow can be in your quest for a feminine face.

There’s a lot of advice telling crossdressers and transgender women to cover their beard shadow with heavy concealer. Unfortunately, this is totally wrong!

Thick concealer creates a heavy, cakey look that can draw even more attention to the area you want to hide.

So what’s a girl to do?

I’m glad you asked! In this article, I’m going to share 4 must-have makeup items you should use in place of that heavy concealer.

Then you’ll learn how to …

 | April 08, 2022 | Leave a Comment

How to look younger

Many crossdressers and transgender women tell me that it was easier for them to look feminine when they were younger.

The truth is, you can look beautiful and feminine at any age!

While nobody can stop the clock, there are some simple ways to shave a few years off your appearance – if that happens to be a goal of yours.

Read on for 7 simple ways to look younger now.

1. Choose the right hairstyle

Hair has a huge impact on your appearance. Long hair is undoubtedly feminine, but be careful – hair that’s too long can emphasize drooping.…

 | February 11, 2022 | 4 Comments on How to look younger
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