Are you feeling like a sissy right now? If not, I want you to find the nearest mirror, shut the door, and lean your face near enough that your hot breath fogs up the glass. Are you listening to mommy, sissy? I demand your absolute obedience. Imagine a man… an alpha male… behind you, naked and muscular, and completely focused on your ass while fluffing his cock.

Suddenly you notice yourself bending over naturally, parting your legs wider and wider, arching your back like a complete bimbo, and relaxing your pleasure hole–ready to take him. You look at your self in the mirror, giving yourself a naughty, little smirk, thinking to yourself “How did I get here?”!

How long are you going to keep denying yourself of your dream?

As much as any sissy wants, you can’t jump straight from a naughty fantasy to full-on pounding from a 12″ cock. Just like learning how to apply make-up and dressing up is both important and fun for feminization, so is practicing to receive a man! Here’s what you’ll need to be a cum slut for any dirty old man, black gangster, or muscular jock you want!

The basics:

“You won’t get anywhere without a little oil!” our dads used to say. They were talking about cars while we sat bored, watching them. Do you also have fantasies of sitting in a garage, maybe watching an older neighbourhood boy fix up a muscle car, and wish you were taken by him? Don’t get too hot, we’re not there yet! It’s important to prepare your pleasure hole as much as possible, even when you’re practicing so be sure to buy quality lube and lube appliers.

Every sissy wants to jump straight in to taking 9″ black cocks just like in their hypnosis videos. Any sissy that has actually tried that realized that isn’t likely! Save the ass pounding, eye-rolling orgasmic pleasure for when you’re ready. If you’re just starting out, this dildo (no bigger than a finger or two) will help you feel more comfortable with something inside of you:

When you’re ready for something a little bit more real, try this on for size! It’s size is a little bit above average and has a strong suction cup. Stick this sucker on a solid surface and have your first “fling” with a sizeable friend!

You’re so close to the finish line! Do you remember when you used to buy weed from the black guy in high school and college? Or maybe you only heard of the black guy that sold weed to the actual guy you bought weed from. This is what was waiting for you. Just think how many times his big black cock was sucked by high-as-a-kite sissies and white girls just for crumbs of weed. Now’s your chance to find out what you’ve been missing!

Now we’re getting serious! By now you’ve built quite the collection… that’s sooo important! They probably look so cute in a line. This next one will prepare you for 99% of the cocks out there! But don’t get so happy yet. There’s still fisting and arm penetration… but that’s for another time! Pick up this 10.6 inch bad boy and no matter where you find yourself… dressed up as a bimbo at a street festival, school girl at a pride parade, or being stalked after having a few too many shots at the gay bar… a man will penetrate you that night… and you’ll be ready for whatever he’s got!

After training, internalize the image that you are her. A naughty, naughty girl who was bred just for pleasing alpha men.

Sexual training like this is only one part of the whole picture. There’s still physical, mental, and social training. Did you know Mommy Ella offers affordable courses? Check them out!

Or maybe you’d like to read hot and steamy erotica on Amazon? Why not purchase Kindle Paper White or Amazon Fire Tablets from us? We usually have discounts going on year round, saving you money so that you can spend more on clothes, toys, and make-up!

4 Comments on “Buying your first sex toy”

  • nora/man


    Need Help with groth

  • Wallace Parker


    i am readdy for the big ine

  • Kendra Blayze


    Im already at a 12″. Ive had my pigtails pulled while im getting it raw from daddy lol🤗🤗🤗🤗 Yes good advice tho girls. Take it small at first. Worl your way up. It doesnt hurt but feels euphoric lol. Bouncy bouncy girls!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Brian kautz


    I have question about how to get a gf to sets up horny cock. To come bend me over or send me to go blow a cock for her. She dresses me up sometimes and has thought about it but how do I get her to make it happen.? Love to hear back asap. Cause I already suck her dad’s cock. He want it every time we go over to visit or he stops by when he knows she’s work and blackmails me and or can I tell her that her dad’s caught me dressed up and likes to have me suck him off whenever we visit his house and when she is work he stops buy unexpected. And makes me let him breed my hole. With his seed I submit to him becouse it’s her daddy And i don’t want to lose her becouse of her dad’s opinion of me. So I’m I doing the right thing and just keep letting him cum in my mouth and breeding his seed in me ?

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