Neighborhood Boy: Secrets from Next Door

Secrets from Next Door

Book Cover: Neighborhood Boy: Secrets from Next Door
Part of the Daddy series:
  • Neighborhood Boy: Secrets from Next Door

Greg explores is secretive about exploring his sexuality. He works as a babysitter for a successful businessman, and the powerful man takes advantage of the naïve teen. Greg is heart-broken, and finds comfort visiting the laconic college boy across the street, Scott, who is back home to take care of his dying mother. But Greg knows he never stands a chance compared to Scott’s perfect blonde-hair, blue-eyed, devout Christian high school sweetheart.

…but a “random” walk across the street to ask for help turns into an hour of watching him fix his car and talking about life.

…and the random one-time conversation turns into a weekly Sunday thing, the only time Scott has free time to work on his car and his girlfriend is busy volunteering at Church.

…and the weekly meet, hanging out with Scott, just talking while he fixes his car evolves into something more. Something so much more intimate and beautiful.

Of course, before all that happens, Greg is rejected and goes through a rebellious stage with a black bull.

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Keywords: daddy, babysitter, crossdresser, interracial, blacked