Sissy Feminization for Jock

Book Cover: Cheerleader

“I used to be invisible until I became a sissy.”

Jesse is your average teenage boy with a crush on the most popular girls in school: Candice and Alexis. He’s the target of the muscular alpha bullies and is humiliated in front of Alexis, the queen bee of Apple Stone Creek High.

His only connection to the popular girls is his low-paying job doing laundry for the school’s sports team, including the cheerleading squad. He now has a pretty collection of the most popular girl’s used panties, and soon finds out he and one of the asshole jocks have a rare, common interest.

“People think being a nerd is the worst thing. No, the worst thing is being in-between a nerd and a jock—Average. People just forget about you.”

Read now about Jesse’s realistic and natural evolution into sissyhood!