Boy to Bride

Crossdressing Feminization Transgender

Adam MacDonald's secret life of crossdressing has always been both the escape and high of his life. A mysterious package with no sender address arrives one day, and inside it contains: a dress, photographs of Adam dressed up, and instructions.

Who sent this mysterious package? How did they know about Adam’s well-kept secret? And, more importantly, what do they want to do with Adam now that they know his dirty little secret?

Reviews:Amy on Amazon Kindle wrote:

I was blown away by this oddly moving and highly erotic book. I am in awe of the author and her ability to storytell in such a way that you feel Adam's pain of feeling he is in the wrong body. A few weird turns that I didn't expect but still necessary to the story.

Kristine on Amazon Kindle wrote:

This was an excellent fantasy story. Amy really came fully into herself. There were however a lot of typos the editing could have been much better. I wish the author would have gone into more detail about Amy's training sessions that would have definitely earned this a 5-star rating. But all in all I could read. I will definitely be reading more from this author.