Hi, my name’s Terri I’m 24 5’6 220 pounds, brown eyes with thick kissable lips and equipped with rich mahogany complexation. I’m about 90% hairless meaning the only hair you will find on me are my eyebrows and long black eye lashes. I decide on the bald look at 17 when I went to my senior prom in drag.

Some may consider me chubby but I’m not a lazy fat fuck. I’m a bike massager, I do at least 4 miles a day and that’s what got me from 265 to 220 in a little under 10 months and that has my measurements at 36- 36-38 ½, nonetheless my fat is stored in the right places.

Riding around greater Tampa Florida delivering mail on a bike isn’t my long turn goal. But it helps pay the bills while I’m in grad school and allows me to keep my nights free. The freedom of riding around town with my gloriously round ass cheeks hoisted for the world to view, gets my 7 inch cock motivated to see the world.

When I’m at work I like wearing a jockstrap under my cargo shorts. Because a jock strap keeps my ass cheeks framed and wonderfully parted. However when I’m out and about and not at work I prefer the feeling of G-string or thong underwear. I don’t wear them to work, because if I am ever hit by a car or god forbid a truck. The last thing I want to have my parents hear is, why was your son was wearing a pink thong before he died?

Anyway it was Saturday morning and I had scheduled a cable appointment to upgrade my current package the week before. I work hard to maintain my small one bedroom apartment in sunny Tampa. So I walk around my home in comfortable wear. After my morning shower, I sported tight white cloth shorts which hugged my hips in tremendous fashion. And a sexy sheer pink top and allowed my pouting nips to respond to whatever ocean breeze I could catch from my open window.

The doorbell rings, I go to the intercom and inquire. “Who is it?” The voice was deep and had a certain charm to it. “Hi, Comcast Cable you have a 10am appointment.” Shit I thought, they never were on time, I had not even had my morning joint yet. Oh feel, I replied. “Buzzing you up, last apartment on your left.”

At first I thought about slipping on a robe, but said to myself NOPE. This is my home, if they feel uncomfortable then that’s their problem. The heavy knock on the door, held me in suspense for a brief second. When I open it the sight of my Cable man sent my hormones into over drive. He was about 5’10, burly, blond with blue eyes and a decent smile. His name tagged read Rick and he seemed as surprised to see me as I was him.

Rick asks politely “Can I come in?” And the comic in me had to blurt out, “I don’t know, can you?” He looked confused, so I quickly said. “Just kidding come on in.” Rick comes in carrying his tool case and a new cable box. Rick’s eyes scan my living area then looks at me and smiles as he states. “ I can stick this cable where you want it or I can put it where I can.”

I like it when a delivery guy looks at me and thinks SEX. I am not in any sort of relationship, so SEX is important and sometimes fucking a married man is safe and dangerous at the same time. I looked at the wedding ring on Ricks hand and I knew he was looking for something extra.

Before I could answer his question my doorbell rang once more. Now I was confused since I had no other appointments lined up. I answer with my usual pleasant voice. “Hello, how may I help you?” The voice was a familiar one “ Holla chica, it’s Juan. I have something wonderful to show you.”

Shit, shit and double shit I silently thought as I considered whether to let my weed dealer that I on occasion have given a blow job to in. Juan is a older dark complexation Dominican man, over 30 and married. He was been my weed dealer for nearly a year and his weed is the best I have ever had. But I really want to fuck the cable guy, it’s was an item from my bucket list.

That’s when the little light bulb went off inside my head. It’s a great morning for a 3some. I buzzed Juan up and let him in. I instructed Rick on where I want him to place the new cable box. When Juan came up, he was a bit disappointed to see my home wasn’t vacant of guest. I instructed him to have a seat on the sofa as I dipped into my bedroom.

I quickly picked out a pair of thigh high red stockings and red laced panties. As fast as I could I slipped into my goodies, next I rubbed a generous amount of baby oil all over my chocolate covered bubble butt, before putting on a oversized white T-shirt, I tied the excess in a big knot over my jiggly ass cheeks. I used red lip stick to accent my juicy lips, a dash of perfume, a short blond wig, a pair of dark sun glasses, I lit a candle and left my room.

I had no fear of reject, because the RULES of hook ups are simple. 1st) Be discrete 2nd) Be on time 3rd) perfect the GFI or genuine feminine illusion. I had done all three. When I opened the room to my lair, I stood in the door well to frame the mood I had set. I knew these two married men would have no problem getting with my program.

While being hard at work Rick had his back to my bedroom door. It was Juan who let could a loud. “Mi amigo, oh my!” And Rick turned to see what I had to over. I walked over to my kitchen, I could feel both men’s eyes glued to the sway of my inviting mountains of dark flesh. These men could benefit from my anal attention to ensure my boi pussy is clean enough to eat 24/7.

I could hear Juan ask Rick. “Amigo, you ever seen anything as lovely?” Rick clears his throat and replies. “Shit, never!” I pulled a can of whipped cream from fridge and a bottle of water. As I walked back to my bedroom, I told Juan. “Roll me two for later, then join me in the bedroom.” I looked at Rick and said. “You ready to stick it where I want it or you just gonna put it where you can?

With that I allowed the tone of my woman size hips and well oiled mahogany booty cheeks framed in laced red underwear to hypnotize both married men. With that I ventured into my bedroom and it didn’t take long for the both men to follow. Rick was first, I laid out him one simple instruction. “If you need to shower please do so. Nothing is a bigger turn off than body Oder.” Rick is hesitant for a few seconds before heading to my shower, I could hear the shower running. I enter the bathroom and said.

“There’s a towel for you to dry yourself.” Rick replies, “Thanks, I won’t be in here that long. I have never done this before.” I ask, “Do you mean with a Comcast client? Or with a cute black guy or just with a guy?” Rick stated, “I thought you were, you know a Trans person?” I laugh and state, “You’re right I am.”

I left Rick in my shower to find Juan already naked in my bed. I laughed and ask. “How do I know you don’t need a shower?” Juan laughs and states. “Because you know I would never come over here with smelly balls chica. Now give me some lips.”

I walked over to Juan doing my best model stroll, he sat up on my bed. As our lips touched, I could feel his strong worker hands pulling me closer. Fondling my fleshy buttocks, Juan’s tongue presses deep into my mouth as our tongues clash like Clans of Titians. I pried my lips away from Juan’s and allow his lips to trace soft kisses down my belly. Juan’s tongue takes a few seconds to explore my belly button which I always find tickleious.

Juan’s nose comes face to face with my rising human nature. I had never give Juan any ass, we have traded blow jobs at least 4 times. But I held off on giving Juan any booty because sometimes, it’s better to have a man think how much he wants you. Then think about how many time he’s had you. Plus Juan was well hung. However it seems that today was Juan’s lucky day. As I could feel, Juan more my panties to the side, my dick sprung out like a jack in the box, nearly smacking Juan in the mouth.

This 40 year old Dominican man kissed my throbbing 7 inch clit before sucking into his mouth. Juan knew how to suck a dick, his tongue was everywhere and my hips could not help but begin to roll. I heard the shower stop, but I could not tell you when Rick step into the room. He might have watch from the bathroom door a bit as Juan with a mouth filled of cock while hands groped at my flesh ass cheeks. All I know I felt someone behind me, kissing me on my neck. I knew if Rick stuck his white dick in my black ass right now I would probably cum down Juan’s light brown throat and the party would be over.

I had to take control of the situation or it would end too soon. So I pulled my cock out of Juan’s mouth and turned to Rick at the same time signaling Juan to stand up. Picking up the can of whipped cream I got on my knees in front of both men near the edge of my king size bed. I shook the can of whipped cream to ensure it was ready for action.

Rick cock was average around the same as mine 7 inches, a bit hairy for my personal taste. But his abs were 5-5 Stars and I’ve had hairy cock before so it’s wasn’t a deal breaker. I put a long line of taste whipped cream from the shaft to the tip of his dick then hand the can to Juan and I said. “Keep that ready for me. I’ll be back to get you with that in a few minutes.”

I took my wig off and threw it across the room. I allowed Rick’s cock to rub across my lips, the whipped cream smears across my cheeks. I open my mouth and take all of Ricks cock to the back of my throat in one gulp. I have been sucking king Kong cock since junior year of high school, so average cocks like mine are easy to deal with.

Rick moans, “Fuck yeah! Shit, if only my wife knew how to suck dick like you.” I spent the next 180 seconds using my lips, tongue and throat loving every inch of Rick’s average white cock. When he tried to grab the back of my head to fuck my face I felt it was time to give Juan some attention.

I pulled my face off of Rick’s average angry cock and turn towards Juan’ thick 9 ½ Latin cobra. There lies the really reason I had never given Juan any ass before today, his dick is too thick and too long. I have too seat on a bike and ride over 4 miles daily. However I did fall asleep with my butt plug in last night so, I hope I’m ready for this as I thought to myself.

Juan put whipped cream just on the head of his peanut colored dick head. When I went in to kiss it, Juan let his cock smack me across the lips. I smiled, then attacked his Juan’s uncut cock. My tongue traced circles around the base and up and over his covered shaft. I took Juan to the back of my throat and I heard he groan. “Mi, chica, bontia m muy Bueno.” I knew Juan could be a FAST, heavy cummer so I stopped quickly.

I got up off my knees, ripped off my T-shirt and ushered both men to follow me. We headed back into my living room and straight towards my set of matching barstools. I sat on the stool, positioning myself so the entrance to my boi pussy was open and ready to attract all cummers. I moaned to both men, “if you want this pussy, you better be ready to eat it. Just eat it, whose gonna eat it. Eat it, eat it!”

Juan didn’t have to be told again, he moved in behind me and buried his shaven face in my hairless chocolate globes. Juan started with wet sloppy kisses to my ass cheeks. I could feel the flesh of my booty cheeks bringing gripped and pried apart allowing Juan’s snake like tongue further access. In between slurps of big phat black ass, I could hear Juan moan. “Mi chica you have no idea how many times I’ve dream of eating your ass with whipped cream.

Juan uses the can to apply whipped cream across my bubble shaped cheeks and wonderful ass crack. I grab Juan’s head and press it into my fleshy, taste chocolate favored booty. I look up to see Rick jerking off in front of me. I signal for him to move closer. Rick does, allowing his red face cock to land right on my face. I licked at Rick’s hairy balls, as Juan licked at my back door. Rick air fuck across my face as I fondled his heavy hairy balls.

When Juan had my boi pussy good and wet, he stood up jerking on his already hard cock. He ask, “Do you have any lube?” I pull Rick’s balls out my mouth and reply.” Under the cabinet there’s some olive oil, works get as lube.” Juan quickly grabs the item and lubes up his Latin love stick.

I went back to Rick’s cock, I used my tongue to trace circles across his cockhead that was turning into a patio of precum. When I felt Juan’s cock slowly sliding into my anal cavity. I inhaled deeply and Rick’s cock went to the back of my throat.

Juan’s hands held my woman size hips firmly in place as he inserted, inch after inch of hot Dominican dick up my tight black ass. I could tell Juan had experience fucking another person up the ass before. He was taking his time allowing my boi pussy the time to get accustom to having such a heavy tool going up instead of heavy shit on the way out.

Juan’s hips begin to even their pace and the feeling of hot cock being forced in then quickly pulling out had my head a flush with vertigo like desire. Juan was grunting. “Take that cock chica! Take that my dick. You love it up your pretty black ass don’t you chica?” Tell Juan, you love it?”

I couldn’t talk because I had Rick’s cock at the back of my throat. He had his hands at the back of my head and he was trying to once again face fuck me. I want to give him some ass, but I could tell he want to come and Juan was doing a very good job of banging my booty.

So I forced my face off Rick’s cock, allowing his meat to land across the side of my face. Where he pumped four times before shooting his load up across his own chest, hitting himself in the mouth and Juan on the hip.

Juan had spread my cheeks so he could watch his slippery cock fill my booty hole and I was loving it. Juan was talking dirty to me in Spanish and I was fucking his cock his a Japanese fuck robot and I could tell he was about to cum. A true gentleman, Juan pulled out and shot his load in and across my ass crack. Moaning together, we all shared a smile. Rick said, “ I guess I should get back to installing your new cable box. For what it’s worth, I had a blast.” Juan leans forward and kisses me on the back of my neck and replies. “I hope we can do this again, like in ten minutes.” I like it when my Saturday morning is better than my Friday nights.

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