Summer is cumming up, and it’s important for you to be ready for when the beaches open again! There’s so much time on your hands you can spend dieting, exercising, and choosing the right bikini to accentuate your feminine features and compliment your personality!

A bikini is so much more to cover up your naughty bits. A good bikini can make or break the decision of whether a guy decides to chat you up or not. There’s no doubt that you’re a hungry cock loving slut, but men like a little bit of teasing and ‘correctness’ to begin with!

You might be so confused about the many bikinis out there! All you were focused on for years was stealing a pair of panties from your sister, mother, or aunt. You probably don’t know the difference between Tankini and a Bandeau. That’s okay! That’s what FeminizationTraining is for. We’re here to give you a crash course on what bikini would best suit you best!

We’re going to cover the following 12 types of bikinis:

  1. Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini
  2. Multi-String Bikini
  3. String Bikini
  4. Microkini
  5. Tankini
  6. High Neck Bikini
  7. Trikini
  8. Sling Bikini
  9. Skirtini
  10. High-Waisted Bikini
  11. Fringe Bikini
  12. Flounce Bikini

By the end of this article, you’ll know which bikini is best for your body type and personality. You’ll be able to swoon any guy at the beach and pool. He’ll take you back to the hotel and you’ll have a fun night that you’ll remember for decades šŸ˜‰

1. Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini

This bikini is best for those women with a naturally thin waist, toned arms, and narrow shoulders. These transwomen usually have flat chests (which some women love!). The bandeau makes your petite breasts look more full, achieving a deeper cleavage that muscular alpha men won’t be able to resist looking at!

Best Picks for: Skimpy or Hourglass shaped women
A Complete No for: Women with heavy busts

2. Multi-String Bikini

These kinds of bikinis are a nice way to add some modesty to cover up your breasts with a shroud of mystery. If you’re a little bit curvier than other sissies, chances are you can wear a push-up and get an attractive amount of cleavage. The string bikini adds that delicate cryptic look that men want to rip off and take.

Best Picks for: Women with flaunting shoulders bones
A Complete No for: Women with very broad shoulders

3. String Bikini

Women who are already on hormones or have hade surgical procedures done will love wearing this classic. You can emphasize the fat distribution from your hormones. Your breasts, for the first time, will be the focal point of this outfit. Men will always be staring at your breasts, then your ass when you walk past them. Just make sure you turn your head behind you and let them know that you knew they were leering all along!

Best Picks for: Hourglass shaped women, Women who dare to look steamy!
A Complete No for: Women with heavy busts and thighs

4. Microkini

Sometimes you just want the inner bimbo to come out and express itself! This is perfect for those who have busty implants, naturally wide hips, and a fat ass. There’s no middle line here (pun intended), you’re going all the way. Oh, and remember, decide whether you want to tuck or not and if you’re going for a swim.

5. Tankini

The tankini is perfect for those who are a bit shy of their chest geometry. The tankini accentuates your mid-riff and shoulders. This is best if you have a flat stomach (You don’t really need curves for this suit), and if you have T-shaped shoulders. Most athletic girls wear this type of bikini so you won’t look out of place if your shoulders are a little bit broader than the other sissies.

Best Picks for: All body types

6. High Neck Bikini

This is a great pick between the multi-string bikini and normal bikini. There’s also an element of mystery by teasing men with your cleavage. This is perfect for the type of woman who loves to be active, functional, yet keep with her a shroud of elegance.

Best Picks for: Water Sports, Surfing, Beach games
A Complete No for: Flat chested women

7. Trikini

A trikini is perfect for those that need a little bit more shape to their body. The extra clothing blends with the top and bottom, creating an illusion, where men fill the gaps with their minds. Almost like bikini photographs with bubble edits. They see you for your inner true sissy!

Best Picks for: Skinny Women
A Complete No for: Very plump women
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8. Sling Bikini

This bikini is perfect for adding a bit of shape to transwomen who have a squarish body shape and have toned muscles. The angles work perfectly in sculpting a feminine physique, while not being afraid to show your hard-earned muscles. Men will also be flabbergasted when you turn around and show a revealing back–similar effect to the infamous backless dress.

Best Picks for: Well-toned women
A Complete No for: Women with heavy waistline

9. Skirtini

If you’re looking for something a little bit cuter, the skirtini is perfect for you. Usually, slender women benefit most from the skirtini. It tapers away from the waist, creating the illusion of an hourglass–signalling to men that you’re fertile and ready to go!

Best Picks for: Women with slim waists
A Complete No for: Apple, Pear shaped women

10. High-Waisted Bikini

These bikinis are best for skinny transwomen who hade wide hips and narrow shoulders. These types of transwomen don’t really need to work too hard to look feminine, but if they have a larger than “normal” torso, they can reduce the length seemingly by this fashionable choice. Also perfect if you love roleplaying old-fashioned with your man!

11. Fringe Bikini

This fun, frilly bikini is perfect for the ones who constantly love attention. They want men to be looking at their bust. It’s not hard with the cute strip cut-outs. This is perfect if you plan to be chatting up men at the beach or pool.

Best Picks for: Slim women
A Complete No for: Apple, Pear shaped women

12. Flounce Bikini

If you want to create a complimenting bustline while looking classy, this is probably the best look for you. Pair this with a white linen cardigan and a wide-brimmed sun hat, and you are beautiful. Men will treat you like the delicate flower you are!

Best Picks for: Women with flaunting corves
A Complete No for: Apple, Rectangle shaped women

Mistress Ella hopes you enjoy looking beautiful in your new swimsuit!

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  • sammie


    very informative thank you

    • Robert


      i need to exercise to look alright in those gorgeos suits

  • Robert


    ill be back .I Need you

  • I love wearing my pink and blue one piece bikini especially when I leave my house

  • Sindy Coxs


    The Strapless bikini I wear is the prettiest pink to show off my femininity to all.

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