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Daily captions will keep you physically healthy, motivated, effeminate, and always looking for mates!

Cock Pics

Each day, you will have a gorgeous cock waiting for your eyes!

Animated GIFs

Experience quick sugar rushes with our NSFW gifs and training lessons!

Daily Rules

A brand new consistent training theme every week. One rule to follow each day!

Exercise Trainer

We'll help you get into shape AND ready for anything in the afterhours. We have nude models showing you how to do exercises and complimentary workout routines!

Hypnotic Affirmations

Forget everything. Enter a mindless trance with us to subconsciously accept your inner sissy identity.

Submissive Trainer

Our exclusive training requires you to beg permission for any type of sissy actions you want.

Submissive Tasks

You can ask us for a task at any time that will further your sissyfication.

Access to 1000s of captions, gifs, rules, exercises, hypnosis, and more

Premium training material curated by real-world mistresses and doms

Train anywhere, anytime, any device with security and confidentiality

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Enjoy our courtesy feminization advice, stories, beauty of the month, public humiliation, and social media content at no expense. We strive to release quality content regardless whether it is free or paid. You may enjoy our premium content if you are looking for more in-depth, consistent, and dynamic content.

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We offer premium content for Sissy School, courses, books, and our candy shop. All our content is a one-time purchase, except for sissy school.

Sissy School
A monthly program that introduces fresh transformation content daily.
Focus on a specific aspect of your training with our courses.
Transgender Romance fiction to help immerse you in your new role.
Candy Shop
Lots of fun goodies to help bring excitement to your transformation.

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Public Humiliation

Beauty of the Month is a sissy transformation service that offers a wide variety of tools such as captions, gifs, rules, hypo, books, courses, and more. You can train anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Your privacy will always be protected.

Sissy School is our most comprehensive training. Its features include captions, gifs, cock pics, hypno, exercises, and nearly limitless sissy tasks.

Access exciting content for a deep transformation with Sissy School, starting at $5 per month.

Sissy School provides monthly training for physical, mental, and sexual themes. We have so many features and each feature covers different themes and topics. Our captions cover all three themes each week depending on the day. Our weekly rules focus on one theme for a week but rotate the theme every week. You will have plenty of room to train exactly as you want.

Our non-monthly training options include books, courses, and our candy shop. Our books are romance novellas. Our courses cover one major theme of either physical, mental, or sexual training. Our candy shop gives you loves of treats to enjoy quick hits.

We also have complimentary free articles and stories thanks to our donators.

Sissy School is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. We optimized your experience so that you can train at home or at your hotel room waiting for your bull.

Yes. We only provide secure payment gateways  (PayPayal and Patreon) offsite. This gives you the assurance that your details will be handled securely. We respect our sissies' differences and their privacy and confidentiality. That's why our invoice statements appear as "FITNESS TRAINING". The only time anyone will know you use this website is if you pay explicitly for our 'public humiliation product.

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Mature Content
This page is not for everyone and may contain mature content or the discussion of mature themes.
To enter, you must be 18 or older